dealing with changes


Finding release through all my internal upheaval,  lately . All the hang ups reflecting over why and how everything took place upon the changes of my conscious and unconscious being.

Transformation occurs getting accustomed to  the new me is hard to adapt its like renovating a house to make it bigger  and roomier to make more rooms and spacious commodities to gain comfort.

Yet, the changes overwhelms me I’m acting strange different from what or who I am before but I must change . When a house undergo some renovations of course it’s very dirty, dusty and debris of the remaining  objects are everywhere . Slowly, clearing all the unnecessary trash  and ugly remains we can make the way  how we want our house should look like by re modelling it to make it more attractive and more beautiful than it used to be.

At the moment  the renovation and total make over  of myself  is not yet finish. I must admit I’m still a complete mess but I try to make things right to make my living condition a lot better than before, on my terms.

One thing, I learned  at one time of  my life. I forgot that I must learn to love myself first .  When, I start loving myself all troubles vanish in thin air of  course, no man is an island my family and friends are there to help glad that it’s all in the past now. All I have to do is learning to smile over what happens . Learn to live, let go , let God and forgive.

I must change from being too nice to being kind . From being too generous to giving . Living room for myself to accommodate other’s  so that if others know that I love me they’ll respect me and love me in return.Putting somebody or someone above you leads to bullying and abuse.We are God’s vessel by being God’s temple it means we are all  very special and we must not let others look down on us because each and every one of us is unique in God’s eyes we are his beloved . So, it’s always right to love others as  we love yourself just as how God loves us unconditionally by doing so we can create a perfect and peaceful world around us.



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