my ray of sun #2

to all my family and friends, I just want a moment to say “i love you ” because yesterday is gone .Today is almost over  and tomorrow isn’t promised.

I’ve dealt with lots of baggage on my shoulder lately

now, that the  heavy weight  of the  baggage that I   carry for three years

disperse  in thin air. I finally  found  peace, a new hope

 and a promise of tomorrow is at hand.

I learn to balance life  and change my attitude about life in general

I was  too serious, jaded, having a very low self-esteem makes people

around me tend to abuse my goodwill and generosity thinking

that I’m too naïve and ignorant. Which is true  by no means….

by  being too tolerant and understanding I tend to  avoid confrontations .

I don’t want to hurt the  feelings  of others  the reason,  my worries and troubles  just won’t stop instead, it adds  up and  it keeps on filing on top to another. I put people first, before myself . Now, I learn to value myself and learn to  love myself more.

I learned the hardest and the harshest lessons in life

it is not how you handle adversity and how it affects you

the main survival tool is …don’t quit .Failures are there to teach us

once, we learn from it will equip us with all the necessary

materials for success. So, don’t be angry if life is teaching us a lesson

through trials and tribulation instead be glad because, you’re ready

for expansion in a step by step process for future success  in attaining your dreams.

All we can do is forgive your past , forgive yourself and begin again

don’t lose hope you never know what tomorrow brings the past is where we learn the lessons in life they say that experience is a  great teacher. Surpassing who we are yesterday by being better today is courage in action.

This post is a self-affirmation encouraging  me and myself to be confident, courageous, and  how to  gain self-esteem and how  to create prosperity through action. I know that I don’t have the right attitude towards life and I’m learning from the great teachers and coaches of today from their free lessons from the law of attraction and manifestations. By learning the trade of the ropes round here I’m totally obsolete.I  want to become , a person who is not afraid of anything.I  live in fear , being too shy and self-conscious really drags me down.

 I want to create change to the world I live in and that change must begin in me.


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