on love and hate and in between spaces

a furtive dream a fairy tale  play

a Shakespeare story

     of Romeo and Juliet

bourne from love and hate

so tragic it seems

leaves an eternal   mark

for those who love and hate

tasted its  saccharine sweetness

tasted its  bittersweet remorse

for those who love and gain their

fairy tales or suffer eternal pain from love


love lighted a spark ignited once eyes meet in a single glance

love a consuming ember that fires that burning desires in our soul

it grows and glows with time once tended and nourished with careful hands

love like a seed that grows in fertile ground soft tendrils sprouted

breaks the ground to kiss and dance with the sun seeking solace in its healing warmth

life is but a puff of wind a mere shadow here today and gone to-morrow

love exist but forever is a myth between spouses once expectations are not met

sadly, it seems unconditional love is hardly seen today lost in its complexity

hating the ones we love most and regretting  the process of transformation

as the love we once knew  evolves before our very eyes .

we battle all the odds facing the challenge of yesterdays

knowing that our love could save us from  struggles and strife

sacrificing for the sake of financial freedom

you went away leaving me at bay reminiscing our yester days

suddenly, searching my heart from years of sacrifices and strife

by being practically apart we lost that spark that fire our burning needs inside

my world evolves for you then when we were younger

we build  and  fortified our dreams that comes from nothing

does time and distance become the hindrance that keeps our hearts apart?

five years without a man by my side I don’t know how it is to be loved

and held tight in the night …how it feels to be  worshiped and caressed

like we seldom used to before while, we are younger .

to feel you, to love you with all of me

the remnants of yesterday is but a memory

when your smile became a blur

enigma in my mind

senses numb .

In my country fathers and mothers work abroad for financial comfort only to return that all their hopes and dreams turns to ashes . There are many families who are shattered  because of poverty and financial hardships many resorted  to work abroad to give their family financial freedom..

I nearly suffer the same fate but God let me see what is real and important in my life. A mother and father dreams and make sacrifices for the future of their children to give them  a better life, better living  and  a good education. But, sometimes the heart of man is vile and wretched money change his way of thinking so, things change as pride consumes the heart and better reasoning .

 Dreams  that are spurned and turns to nothing animosity become an everyday painful existence.  Love builds and heals our ailing soul but  only God can change a man’s heart through prayers and supplications by accepting that without God in our daily existence our lives is not fruitful….it sums up to nothing we are in constant emotional conflicting battle between right and wrong. What really important in life is peace of mind by being joyful content ,happy  and thankful in everything we have. I learned that when spouses quarrel it’s the children who deeply suffers.

Realizing that nothing really last forever, forever is a myth even our lives will end  before we know it. God directs our paths and plans our destiny but gives us free will to choose whichever way we go.

I, will sacrifice for my children they are my life and my very essence letting them wander in a very complex and confusing world is hard for me to bear if they are lost.



  1. colinandray · July 2, 2015

    A very well written and thought provoking piece. It is sadly so common to see couples torn apart simply because of greed and/or desires. It is equally sad to hear the regrets later in their lives as they reflect back. It has often been said that we really do not appreciate what we have until we lose it. Take care. Prayers are with you.

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    • franz · July 2, 2015

      yes, it’s very true ….divorce and separation seems a natural thing nowadays . Sad, after 10 or 20 years of being together couples decide to get divorce and separate when initially they are totally in love with each other from the start. They call their love story a fairy tale but years later ended up wanting… love was gone and children suffers by the mistakes their parents did. I’ve always dreamed that my first love will be my first in everything but that first love worship satan to get me but still fate pulls us apart and I’m cursed. Sad right?

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      • colinandray · July 2, 2015

        Sad yes……….. but lost……. no. You have suffered so much which means you have had an opportunity to learn so much. All you have learned can be applied as you plan your future, and can also be shared with others. I don’t know of anybody who has grown within themselves unless they have suffered first. Keep smiling. Keep praying. Move forward with your life.

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      • franz · July 2, 2015

        yes, I have my fair share of sufferings people want to break me from the outside forces including my husband but God’s inner workings in my life really makes me stronger inside. enduring all the pain….other think that by being too godly, too generous and too kind opens doors to abuse they think that I’m just mentally ill but I grow with a very religious family and since, childhood on God really did protect me and keeps me safe . Now, I learned to have balance in my life. realizing that everything happens because we need to grow ,learn and understand life…You know what? before it happens god gives me a premonition through a dream. It’s the third year and my dream has very significant meaning about my life experience, it’s my third year and it’s over….my dream came to pass.

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      • franz · July 2, 2015

        Yes, experience is a great teacher. I learned, grow and become stronger. You are right, I’m not lost, God, allows it because he equips me for a greater purpose and deeper understanding about life. I just learned that we are not tested if we already know the right answer.

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