a phenomenon: the rivers and the sea

In reflection, I’ve live  in few places from the day I was born until today. Something baffles me really, a phenomenon that I did not come to terms with until recently. Why, I called myself lady of the lake or lily of the valley one of my nicknames or passwords I used for a very long time. It has a very strong connection with  my life. I just realize now it’s significance.

My grandparents of the mother side lives near a river and a school I love the sea so much when, I’m near with it heals my soul. I was born there. I know, that my grandparents owned big expanse of land in that place both in the village and the country. But, my father is a seafarers and has a job  connected  with the sea being a trusted worker of a Israeli employer he roams and travels within our country and learning from him he is a fast learner  very creative and artistic, calm, loved by all, prudent, patient and a very hard worker. When I was six turning events occur a great upheaval that change our lives forever,  my parents separation. We lived near the sea in the City of waterfalls.

I came to live with my grandmother who lives near a farm and near  a school and a river at the back of the school. It’s a place when I was seven years old paranormal activities in my life  existed where I can’t forget those moments.

I move again with an Aunt, she takes me along with her after the death of her youngest daughter.I was 10 at that time, She lives near a river by the sea before moving to Manila and I move again to live with an Uncle where my brother has lived with them they live near  the mountain and the sea. They are deeply religious and my spiritual connection evolves with them. That, I carry wherever I go God’s divine protection and interventions.

When, I was 19 years old I go with my Aunt who was living in Manila with whom I stayed with when I was 10 she lives by the river Pasig. The place where I lived now is near the river and a school was it a coincidence it’s very phenomenal and baffled by it all. I think, I need an aquarium and raise goldfish to increase my luck. Is it true when you have   fish sign at the blueprint of your palm  fortune increases with time but I am not that very fortunate at the moment11334039_1620668731507503_890764127707456603_o.  I just realize though, that with friends I come close with when I was with them helping with their business it flourished when I was not working with them anymore slowly it regresses. Thinking maybe, I’ll try to get an aquarium and have fish for a pet instead.



  1. Jim · June 24, 2015

    nice post. look at the water. nice.

    Liked by 1 person

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