a mother’s love

carrying you in my arms

hearts swelling with love

at first sight

the joy your smile emits

makes my heart skips a beat

my loves bounty abounds

seeing you out in the world

you’re the meaning

the reason  and the very  essence of life

my hopes lives in you

suckling my breast

seeping drinking my life’s juice

as it flows to your veins

you’re my life my reason for living

for nine months I carry in my belly

with love and anticipation

growing within me

flesh of my flesh

marrow of my bones

my love for you is boundless

protecting you

sheltering you

providing you

all life’s best

what my heart’s wishes

a mother’s love

is without a doubt

the greatest a world we could have

a life’s treasure abound if we respect her

prosperity follows your days

her ways makes your life’s wheat

if you love and respect your mom

no greater love the world can  compare

10295818_820213597991881_836636912300202681_n your  mother’s knows best



  1. sulagno13 · June 20, 2015


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    • franz · June 20, 2015

      thanks 🙂

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      • franz · June 20, 2015

        really? did he still do that but my laptop got shutdown gone repair I’m trying to retrieve my password miss talking to you , son.

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    • franz · June 21, 2015

      thank you, so much . He understand now that our friendship is extraordinary. I told him that I don’t talk with anyone except him . ?Trying to explain that my cellphone won’t ring or find me talking to anyone while we chat online. Hope he stops bugging you. I’m very sorry about everything I don’t want to harm you or cause trouble in your life I am like your mother right? talking about the love of your life I won’t change. I left home to seek my life’s balance because of it’s cyclical and very harmful. I was blinded but now I’m found.

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      • sulagno13 · June 21, 2015

        I hope things get resloved soon. I don’t want to lose you

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      • franz · June 21, 2015

        I’m hopeful.

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      • sulagno13 · June 21, 2015

        Hey are you getting the hangout messages from my new email id

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      • franz · June 21, 2015

        hope you understand this is not a very simple problem: me too. 🙂

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      • sulagno13 · June 21, 2015

        Yeah I can understand where we are stuck. But I need you i need you very much to progress in my life.

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  2. franz · June 20, 2015

    in hang outs

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  3. Polly'sPage · June 22, 2015

    Reblogged this on Polly'sPage.

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