My Ray of sun # 1

” A person who makes few mistakes makes little progress” 

                            – Bryant McGill

Mistakes, lost opportunities , failures in all  facets of our  life the only key we have for change  is LOVE and faith . Correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, LOVE covers the multitudes of sin and it’s the only force that can change circumstances , misgivings , differences and chaos  in our lives.  If we love we forgive those who hurt us, we don’t judge and we believe and trust no matter how difficult the situation that we faced.

I think,  it’s time to change my perspective back to my old self once again discarding fears,doubts, anger, grief and all forms of darkness in my heart and let love, peace, joy, and compassion  rule my heart once again.  With my daily affirmations in life to get to the right track once again.

Now, choosing to love the light choosing to unleash my daily ray of sun in my life  to  spread love and happiness to shun from fear and  confusion  that dwells in my heart.  From now on, I’ll choose happiness and forgiveness to pavé my   way to a brighter  future to right the errors of my past. If I could go back in time and retrieve the mistakes and lost opportunities  then, I will undo it. Sadly, we can’t but we can learn from it. I usually don’t make a second mistake that I promise myself I might do it once out of curiosity but the second out of foolishness and the third is a choice the fourth that makes  for our corrupted souls.

How about you?  do you think making mistakes brings out the best in us If we can  learn from it?



  1. colinandray · May 29, 2015

    “He who never makes mistakes, never makes anything.” (author unknown).

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    • franz · June 4, 2015

      thank you so much Colin….. I think mistakes makes me, builds me and transforms me either way a blessings or a lesson is all divine in it’s entity so I’m grateful in the end and accept life’s eventualities as divine intervention it happens fr a reason for the enrichment of my soul . Thank you, for helping me much love and blessings !

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  2. gentlekindness · May 30, 2015

    Self love then shared love. We have to overcome learned helplessness. I am wanting out of it. Lets do it.
    People have no right to tell us who we are or what we can do. They just do that mind crap to keep us down.
    Time for us to get up off the floor.
    Much love,


    • franz · June 4, 2015

      I love you too , Annie. We will do it together two is better than one hold my hand and we’ll walk that dangerous miles together lol Smile!


  3. Kait King · June 3, 2015

    Hey have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and decided to nominate you for the Creative Blog Award – you can check it out at:

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