Important Info. For Empaths

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Silver Girl

A good article defining empaths and some great tips on coping. I think the most important is to guard your energy against the emotions that become invasive and keep your own energy intact.

An empath feels empathy on a much larger scale...

The 5 common Empath types

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Animal
  • Global
  • Earth

Empath positives

  • Instinctively knowing the energy from people and places.
  • Using sensitivity to promote peace, understanding and healing.
  • Can easily manipulate energy

What is an Empath?

Everyone has empathy to varying degrees (maybe except a sociopath)..

It’s the ability to recognize and identify what other people are feeling, and respond accordingly and appropriately.

Brain regions have scientifically shown where and how empathy functions in the brain, through MRI imaging.

Empathy has both biological/genetic and spiritual aspects.

An Empath’s ability to pick up others emotions, emotional states, energies, surroundings, even pain or suffering is heightened, above average.

Also referred to as emotional hypersensitivity, or highly sensitive.


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