loving him

there was a time when i prayed

asking god to just let me love and be loved

let me taste its sweetness captured by its

intricate web a friendship I prayed to last

a wish granted he came to my life and

he became a ray of sunshine to my

gloomy days

my remorse one day consume me

completely we parted ways

as misunderstanding broke our hearts

he was  confused by my childish acts

21 days and it lasted yet memories persisted

until today I can feel what he’s feeling

I can sense his pain his joys and anguish

but he never talked to me since then

and it broke my heart the promise

I made was a promise for myself

I’ll love him till the end; unconditionally

He’s my inspiration though memoirs

are the once left in my head

the beatings of my heart still

belonged to him.

I can’t let go no matter what I do

yet, our connection was lost

way back then yet he remains

a memory etched at the seams

of my being



  1. cote8050 · May 27, 2015

    so beautiful and so sad… my sister… much love to you. I know this feeling, there is one other I will always love too but he died so… very sad.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sherrie de Valeria · May 27, 2015

    Love is actual easy thing to do. But to match one mind & heart with the one you love, are the most difficult thing to do …. Or so it is …

    Liked by 1 person

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