Needed a poem for love. Been too serious. “I’m no-one. You are everything”

A reminder of love never dies it remains true and stands through the odds



I’m no-one. You are everything

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


When we love someone more than our-self. We have known real love.


                       I’m no-one. You are everythingOld wise men know. The farewells are dreaded and the hellos are always sweet.
I remember the nights in Tubingen, Germany roaming with her.
We roamed the old city. Hand in hand.
She gave me everything knowing I had nothing left to give.Beautiful Brigitte laid with me in a bed of nails,
knowing I was drowning in bad memories and seeking new dreams.
She taught me what true love is.
When you realize. “You are  no-one and your love is everything.”

Old men know. Words are meaningless.
Love words and words of hate can be forgotten with time and separation.
I believe real proof of love is 50 years of living together.
Surviving the good and bad day.

I dream of Tubingen,

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