believe in you

love wrought in a ballad a song

was mean’t for you and me

the momories times cannot erase

lingers still in my reveries

the love we shared etched

deeply within who you were does it matter then?

two souls colllides in matter and times

changing directions to better our lives

your so special what matters most is you tried

trying to hide that darkness inside let love and light

dispel it in seconds time

changing our lives the day we meet the sweetest gift

from heaven I receive though we try to conceal

it buried deep within

you dispel my darkness brings light to

my lonely existence the starkness of my cell

a bird in a lonely cage

giving light in my darken world where

I’m imprisoned was it 21 days before

everythiing ended but it’s beauty remains

in my breast seeing the pain in your heart

that resembles my own wanting

sunshine to light your gloomy days

I bring heart warming messages along the way

until such a day I tried to come to reason

but here I am faced in your double standard world

caught in a trap unable to get out

a bittersweet revenge still convinced

that love brought us to this end

my heart believes in you.

contemplating  to what I’ve done.

thoughts of your well being drifted always in my brain

because I believed we’re twin souls

making a difference in the world

you believed it and instantly you come to reason

we speak with our minds and with our hearts

even distance keeps us apart there’s no need

to see each other often enough because we know

deeper than that we believe in each other

and that is more than enough.

a dream came true you inspire me to conquer my fears

knowing you are there to guide and care

you  makes  me dream and I’m able to fly

soaring with wings like eagle in the sky

able to step  baby walk a journey in a lifetime

if love can soften a heart of stone and make

a girl dream to be a woman

brings life where  death and despair eating her soul

you are there able to console my life the devil stole

seeing better days as my love for you grows everyday

conquering my demons combatting failures

struggling  to fight every strenghts she have

to fight the life she  was deprived  of

conquering herself the greatest battle she faced

now she’s thankful you’ve been there to

take the initiative to make her believe the things

she missed to appreciate……YOU.

Life was  not defined  of who we are, what we are but  what we have become …the greatest warrior are those who conquer thier fears and demons  “



  1. The Bibliophile Diaries · May 8, 2015


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  2. sulagno13 · May 8, 2015

    nicely written loved it…as always 🙂

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  3. colinandray · May 8, 2015

    You defined the warrior very well at the end. I would add that to conquer their fears and demons, they must always confront, understand and act. They must always experience, learn and adapt. To be a successful warrior, I would suggest that they must know their strengths and stay humble. Understand others and be always compassionate. Know the difference between what may be right, and what is right.
    Most warriors are battling in silence, but are getting results just the same.

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    • franz · May 8, 2015

      great thoughts there I will edit thank you so much for the suggestion. you’re brilliant!!


      • colinandray · May 8, 2015

        Brilliant? Not really ……….. just enjoying a life full of challenges, laughter, tears, heartache, love, etc. etc. ………. and learning from it all. Perhaps I’ll be brilliant at the moment that I die?

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      • franz · May 8, 2015

        great ! you’re very humble ….me I’m continually learning. And learning from you feels great and wonderful


      • colinandray · May 8, 2015

        I appreciate that, but remember that you must always be learning. If you reach a point where you stop learning, then you have stopped living. You clearly have a wonderful mind so always keep it busy!

        Liked by 1 person

      • franz · May 8, 2015

        yes… it kills me being unproductive you are very right in the very sense of the word. It’s good to learn but it depends in the environment you’re in to succeed.


      • colinandray · May 8, 2015

        No. I have to challenge that. Your environmental situation simply provides you with choices …….. to succumb to it, or to rise above it. Many creators in history have worked in adverse conditions. Wasn’t it Beethoven who composed his music based on vibrations because he was deaf?

        Liked by 1 person

      • franz · May 8, 2015

        yes, I’m simply different in my perception of things the problem is it’s hard to change and adapt to changes and that i’m slowly learning but I’m contemplating about it because it’s nerve wracking and heartbreaking when you’re on the process of heealing but I will try what is challenge and try to finish that project maybe, just need time you see many problems arises and it’s hard to combat everything peace and serenity is important to me it’s hard to write when troubled mentally.But you can have my word I’ll take the challenge. Thank you so much for caring. wish you well and bountiful blessings from above.


      • colinandray · May 8, 2015

        My favorite dessert is called “Black Forest Cake”. It is very rich in tastes.

        If I eat this cake one slice at a time, and over a period of days, I could finish it on my own and be very happy. If however, I eat it all at once, I would be very sick.

        Life’s problems are much the same. Just take them one at a time and slowly work through them. If you try and deal with too many at once, you will probably be very overwhelmed and make very little progress.

        Liked by 1 person

      • franz · May 8, 2015

        thank you for the word of wisdom ….i too love black forest cake i love dark chocolates too ….Thank you for bringing in more insights . I’ll work on it right now but you’re right need to read.

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