What nature holds

life is constant but changes like nature does

somewhere beyond the blue

quietly, I close the door of the past and let go of the pent-up emotions

as  I open the door at   the now  with much courage and hope towards what  the future  holds

to welcome life again,….to savor each moment while playing in the rain

to thank God,for the love he brings in springtime  where the flowers bloom that washes gloom

 reflection of nature’s beauty that never stop to amaze me with wonders and delight.

amidst the blessings and the lessons that nature unfolds

God made everything so perfect to behold that brings both beauty and destruction

two faceted coins ; between light and darkness reflects who we are inside

it blesses and punishes those who try to abuse her  virginal pride

we live, we toil, we wonder, we explore  the depths of the abyss and  the galactic energy of the cosmos

unveiling mystery that has been, has not…

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