the man and the moon

It all started with a dream….I prayed that God would send a friend to bring sunshine in my gloomy days and the first one with whom I want to love and cherish all my life. The reason I cannot let go. It doesn’t matter if he was married or not or attached to someone else. Yes, indeed he came. He made me dream again motivate and inspire me to write poetry. It’s just friendship at first, but it developed into something else.

I told him at least let him be my illusion and my fantasy, yet I loved him dearly as my twin flame. Eventually, time have passed and there’s  no communication between us. He won’t answer my emails until, I don’t have the courage to send him encouraging words at all. I know, that he is in good hands and  I’m happy for him.

I have a dream a day before I met him online. He told me if I have any apps. to contact with but I have none. So, I made one and truly he is the very first friend I have and instantly. I made a pact to cherish our friendship for life. I send him encouraging messages once in a while. Whenever, I felt that he is sad or in despair even if we didn’t see each other for a very long time. I made innocent inspiring messages for him like a child to his beloved best friend.

The dream…

I was looking up seeing the moon full and shining brightly in the night sky. Looking down I saw a man bathed in moonlight, he’s countenance glowed by the light of the moon. I told him about this dream and ask for the meaning.

Now, all I want to know who he is …the truth … all that happens here in WP is a mystery to me. I was totally confused I ponder and ponder, but I could not grab an answer. I questioned myself many times what really is happening, but I still could not grab an answer. If it’s love then it’s truly is the sea and the moon together.

We are soulmates.

I want to know if he is a scholar or a man of wisdom or a very  simple man …. or the moon simply refer to me or him. I want to know.Still, in my heart he will live forever.

I won’t let go like that I’ll cherish what we shared for all times because I know there is some divine connection between us. I have this feeling … a promise made a very long time ago …. it’s about a book. I don’t know it’s just a hunch an uncanny feeling.

To my horror amazed and shocked that I was trapped for a race of love? Simply, I cannot decide to go on betting since, I don’t understand what’s going on. It’s my first time.


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  1. sulagno13 · May 6, 2015

    lovely 🙂

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