without you

i said i need to find myself

to love me but then,

i realized without you

each day is filled with gloom

happiness is gone

tears falls like torrents of rain

from my eyes

wherever I go

whatever I do

they simply fall

it’s something that i can’t control

wherever i look it’s you, i see

when i close my eyes i see you

the pain like sword sliced through

flesh it’s something i can’t contain

i come to know to find myself is simply to have you.

my life is empty without you….

I’m sorry for hurting you that much

don’t you see when you’re hurting

it hurts me too i can feel your pain

slicing through my heart

the pain I cause  you

we’re complicated people but

it’s so hard to let you go

I really love you , you know it’s true



  1. sulagno13 · May 2, 2015

    mam your words are so touching

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    • franz · May 2, 2015

      no, it’s done directly not very good one . from my mind to laptop .YThanks for the compliment. I miss the chance of a lifetime. I don’t know what happen.please tell me.

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      • sulagno13 · May 2, 2015

        what has happened?? is something really very serious??

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      • franz · May 2, 2015

        nothing….I’m okay. don’t worry bout me just vnting my heartaches and miseries that’s all.

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      • sulagno13 · May 2, 2015

        pls dont feel like everything is over. There is always hope to come up. Please I cant take it anymore when i see you in pain and trying to hide it. 😦 Just believe in yourself all will be fine.

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  2. globalunison · May 2, 2015

    Letting go is never easy.When I was reading it, I was reminded of my work.

    Check out (only if you would like to):




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    • franz · May 4, 2015

      It’s all an illusion Naima….I dreamed because it’s the only way to rise above my negative thoughts. He knows I love him but I am not free.

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      • globalunison · May 4, 2015

        I know how it is. Letting go is actually an illusion — how can you let go every inch of somebody who was such a major part of your life? It’s quite impossible.


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      • franz · May 7, 2015

        The truth when I thought of letting go my world shattered and my tears flowed like rivers to the sea . I know letting go will kill me. I have peace within when I write that I can’t let go that I want him with my whole life. Then, the tears stops flowing and I found peace within my being. We don’t talk but I was amazed how he wants me to get out of my shell and tell the world of my love and devotion if that is what he wanted then I’ll give it to him. He started it then we better have a good ending it’s conquering worlds of what whichever way…..on everyone’s side it’s painful but I will not give up. I will move on ….Is it love right he wants to know that I love him yes. I do. No matter what happens I can’t hate him I will always love him deep inside my heart knows it. I can’t let go of that promise it’s irreversable.I will always love him despite of …

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      • globalunison · May 7, 2015

        Love is cruel — I wish there was an ‘undo’ button.


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  3. franz · May 8, 2015

    please, tell me what to do? To undo the past….It was a terrible regret that ever happens to me you see it ruined me. Love ruined my values and beliefs the reason I can’t forgive my hubby until I will get back that something that was lost. Did it happen to get a revenged? for whom? I don’t really understand.


  4. franz · May 8, 2015

    I really want to know the truth of what thier up to….I’m really confused.


  5. franz · May 8, 2015

    it’s a friendship was mean’t to wish it can bend him and change his perception of things ……

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