dry these tears

please, remove all these fears

wash my sorrow forget yesterday

let’s create a brand new tomorrow

let’s wipe every tear from our cheeks

take off the burdens from our shoulders

take out the knife piercing in our chest

tired of my anguish and pain

knowing your my healing rain

as the sun will shine again as

we let our love begin again

that knows no bounds nor endings

you always know from the start our friendship stands a promise of a lifetime even you’ll finally meet someone, even if you love somebody new or you’re married which I didn’t know, it’s unconditional. We both know who we really are . How,I come this far. I don’t realize that i hurt you so badly when i thought it’s me whose hurting back then.  We meet to fulfill a promise and we’re halfway  there. I am thankful, for giving me this chance of a lifetime to eradicate doubts. To build self confidence and  self-fulfillment. But, I didn’t realize that it’s demeaning and ego shattering experience. I know it hurts but somehow, I’m thankful because I learn more something valuable in life.  You have that ability  to shake me and break me. You know every everything about me but I hardly know you. Sometimes,ignorance is a bliss right? Still, I’m confused of who you really are, but it’s enough for me to know that you are here and that is a blessing. I’m always thankful, that you came to my life actually, I was already shattered before you came my husband break me.Being near you gives me energy and drive that is unexplainable.  I learn to believe in myself and dream. Well, that makes you a guru to me.Thank you, so much.



  1. globalunison · May 2, 2015



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  2. franz · May 4, 2015

    why?….is there something I need to know? I don’t really know everything. I just read his blogs and find something that connects between, us hope It was not an illusion again. I was not hoping for something to come up between us because it wasn’t right and he knows it. I have a feeling it’s because of the moon a dream that has profound meaning. He want to know if I was a fool or a wise woman. Is that it?

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