God, I wander far and wide

and I found myself wanting your love

in this world full of strife

I found that you’re the sole my heart respite

here I am alone and helpless

your love is solely I need

help me find the peace I seek

and be truly blessed. Oh, lord.

Thank you for all the pain and sorrow

help me find a brand  new tomorrow

my soul to you, I want to atone

forgiveness for the things I’ve done.

Let your love surround me when the world is in darkness

I only want a peace of mind in my heart full of confusion.

heal me Lord from my wounds and I want to offer my heart to you alone



  1. salwaadlyy · April 29, 2015

    This is so beautiful and so relatable. I know sometimes we feel like we were are being punished but later on we found that that pain and that punishment was actually a gift from god to help make us better and stronger and to prepare us for the journey of life.Really an amazing post and i am looking forward to your upcoming one’s

    Liked by 1 person

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