siren’s call

   I”m  a tumbled weed blown by the wind

                                       a mite a nobody a dust in the world

in my confused state trying to make

 a way  an  answer

                                                                  I seek

in my humble state falling on my feet

seeking your benevolence upon

                            the ground trampled and frowned

                              imploring my case in your kind heart

                           look at the sirens lonesome plight 

                       Aphrodite’s mirror ‘s   broken 

                                instead swimming freely in her ocean  

                             now she  lay captive and swims in hot water  

                              let your wisdom stands in time of confusion

                                   let your compassionate heart aid the situation  

                           you are the gardener the gardener of life

                              in your hands we implore our rights

                               Let Zeus shield siren’s sorrowful soulful cries 

                         let justice stands and vanish cruelty in this land 

                                  let your thunderbolts reprimands and bring peace at once 

                     He is the gardener and I’m just a weed 

                           in his garden where  flowers, plants  and trees  planted

                     he knows us one and all and see what we have done.


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