Red Flags


‘Why didn’t I see all the RED FLAGS ?’ Such a common question when dealing with a Sociopath. The red flags were present from moment one… why did you not see them? Wait a minute, you did!! 


Think back to the very first moment you met the Sociopath. How easily you were drawn to them. In the first few days, weeks or even months, everything about them was lies , perfection. The showering you with praises, adoration, compliments on everything about you!Those were the red flags , that you were not consciously aware of. As with most narcissistic Sociopaths, they moved the relationship along very quickly. The love bombing was over the top!! I call the love bombing phase: Sociopath Poison, you can read about that here

I’m sure you were told thousands of stories lies about their ‘horrible childhood’. {red flag}  And how many times did they…

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