mother nature speaks

mother nature softly speaks

beyond the  mountain  and the blue sea

the valley  the forest the river

that flows towards  the sea

pleading to you and me take a look

at her is her utmost plea to all humanity

of colors, tounges, tribes  and diversity.

Global warming’s upscaling, pollution caters the air

the forest is  bare  the ocean is dying

ecosystems are  imbalance and it affects  humanity

what the future holds

the next in line will suffer from our nonchalance

take heed what’s left for the future when technology devastates the land

learn to be responsible as well as you can or her wrath will take us to no

man’s land no human can withstand nor the ground that we stand

listen  as she speaks that blows with the gentle breeze the trees

that bows and sway before her plead, they stood forever  valiantly

emitting fresh air for you and me.

Restore her beauty her utmost plea plant more trees

don’t cut down the forest save the world heal the world

let’s stand together to save our planet a legacy to our children

She is dying can you feel the burning heat?

the melting ice in the artics overflowing the rivers and the seas

little children don’t be stubborn listen to her

her beauty abounds that brings serenity to our hearts

that brings peace to our troubled minds like flowers

that blooms in springtime scattering on the fields

fluttering butterflies from flower to flower

the sun that pierce through the trees the sparkling brooks

the blue skies that meets the sea bursting sunsets of orange hue

entrancing in its  beauty as we stood  there with awe and wonder

Listen softly as she speaks don’t hesitate to do her request

she knows the best for you and me.



  1. sulagno13 · April 27, 2015

    incredibly beautiful ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Trudy · April 27, 2015

    Sounds like a tribute to Earth day. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. globalunison · April 27, 2015

    I wish we could take care of it like it takes care of us. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece.


    Liked by 1 person

    • franz · April 27, 2015

      nature like people too sometimes calm sometimes angry …we are the reflection of it’s wonders and beauty.

      Liked by 1 person

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