love or money

between love or money what would you choose? It’s a question so hard to think over and make decision. It is two powerful opposing forces that will not blend but we can’t live without. Like water and oil we can’t mix them together but it’s life’s top necessity because we can’t live without the other.

As for me, I would like to have both to make a fulfilling life. If I have no  love my life is nothing,  I will live like an empty shell in this world.  life will have no purpose or meaning if I don’t have someone to share that love with.  Life and love are  meant to be shared not hoarding it all to ourselves.  When we love the most it’s easier to forgive and life will be much brighter by letting our heart’s bigger forgiveness is the true source of happiness.  Striping our ego and pride to compromise will bring joy and sunshine to cloudy days.What is more it brings peace, happiness joy and harmony within us and with the ones we love and share our lives with.Forgiveness is needed especially, the person who asked for it is really repenting and try hard to change for the better there’s a saying that “love is sweeter the second time around”. When we learn to forgive someone who’s sorry for what they have done. Then you’ll find loyalty, great love and happiness in return because they accept their mistakes and make room for changes to make life better.

As for money, of course, it’s essential in our lives how can we go places when we don’t have enough  money to  buy our daily necessities. They say,” that money is the root of all evil”

It’s true, it depends on how you use or spend your money.Is it for your good or for the bad influences of your life. Money is good because we can change lives, we can share and make people happy by sharing the little we have we can make differences in our lives and to the lives of other’s as well, it’s a matter of give and take.. But using it for vices and pleasures in this world will surely bring you to downfall. Having too much money makes you anxious as well. Because of it, you will never know who are your true friends. Always afraid that someone will rob you or kill you and it involves too many dependents and responsilbilities.




  1. sulagno13 · April 26, 2015

    food for thought but yeah i would say love is a thing you cant buy, its priceless. So love is more important over money ❤

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  2. globalunison · April 26, 2015

    I would say love — definitely love.


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