i want to carry your name with value and integrity

i want to be worthy of your love so that whether

you’re near or far rest assured my unwavering loyalty

reserves only for you even a lifetime It won’t alter

I’ll be a woman you’ll be proud of you’ll see

I won’t change the way you see me

bearing grace and wisdom as my virtue

a woman you’ll be proud  to value

let our love light the darkness of night

that is worth  for the world to fight

feeding the hungry soul my heart

what I aimed   from the start

here I am take me show me

the glory and wonders of love

which I  promise to be

sweet and loving as a dove

I promise to be true to you

even in silence I’ll  believe in you

I will love you unconditionally

even in the face of  trials and adversity

my love flows  like  a river an eternal fire  that burns inside my soul;

until death reclaim this host to its final resting place .


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  1. sulagno13 · April 17, 2015



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