cracking the nut

Things have change since I cracked my nuts ,thinking clearer now than before. I saw myself outside the box of who I was and what I’ve been. Now, i want to take action my fears have diminished each day something within me wants to break free. I know that I was never the same. A fire deep in my soul that I want to feed and  to fulfill that promise to someone i hold dear in my heart and hope that she’ll guide me along the way.

I know, by doing so I will also make myself a great favor of lasting love and happiness .No matter what or how I put it ….I can’t go back. I’ve change ,a feeling is stirring deep within my soul to fulfill a promise at whatever cost that promise is irreversible because it comes from my soul. Wherever it leads me i know I’m ready to accept the consequences of my actions even if it’s different form what I believed in.

Hard but true, I already accept my fate.I am now ready to explore and find a way to fulfill my dreams because, there’s no way out but charge forward . I know it’s hard but I need someone to guide me those who have a  know how of the ins and outs of this world.I’ve been alone here and it’s hard to constantly ask unanswered questions when there’s no one around to tell me or talk to.

Cracking  my brain lately, to find possible  answers to my problem, when you know who you really are and people are accusing you of things they don’t really know. I was in a great chaos and confusing situation. I learned better now and I love deeper still humbled still in the process thankful that the challenge have ended.

Actually, there’s no one to blame but myself . I need that transformation that change without that experience. I will not change and still can’t  think clearly now. I know what I want. Now, I know what I need and what to do to meet my dreams but, why it always lead to love? For me success or wealth is nothing without love am I that hopeless romantic? Yes, I took that quiz and have scored more than average. But, now it’s different I learned my lesson to love without expectation.

There was this energy a force inside me instead of hiding and give up I’m challenge to move forward .I learned that character is more important that reputation  because this is how you’ll prove your self-worth and who  you really are. We know, that nobody is perfect and I have my fair share of imperfections. But attitude is the only thing that will carry you to the top it’s the only thing that can usher us forward and make people see who we really are in the process believe and respect our capacity.

In the end,I hold on to that promise to a dear soul who helped me achieved that purpose in life with much clearer aim and direction. She helped me before and will always lead me towards that goal.No more illusions reality is here and now.

I would like to thank you all for helping me to “Crack That Egg” and break free from my fears and constraints.Overcoming and finding solution to our problem will make us grow in character by learning from it. So, why not take the plunge!


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