dusting off an easterthanksgiving


I hope this will clear things up dusting all the cobwebs in your minds since, it’s  Easter sunday. I have a confession to make . I hope it will bring happiness to those hearts I’ve hurt and getting involved in this issue the truth is we are all victims of the circumstances.

I met him last August, he is my first online friend the one I ask God to be my forever friend.I prayed for him and we have a good time together laughing and chatting my dark world finally found colors. I suffered severe depression at that time due to a broken dream which leads me bound in the four corners of the room looking for someone to talk to and he came along like a breeze he passes and never ever returns.

When I make a vow and I don’t make it, it makes me heartbroken and I feel shattered because of my undoing I pushed him too far and just like an air we put a big gulf between us. My words are very precious to me ,when I promise my words are golden the reason up until now I am not working any freelance jobs because of  my condition I know I’m still incapable . My husband tried to push me away from anything that makes me happy every single thing that brings sunshine to my life because all he wanted was  that he is the only source of my happiness as always, I’ve always been stubborn and a bit rebellious.We are fighting everyday which really vexed me up, stressed me out and his oppression leads to a full degree of aggression to the point of selfish manipulations. I was very unhappy and his  presence makes me dream again,I began to write poetry and writing here in WordPress he became my ray of sunshine . when I met him I sense that I have found the missing piece of me. Instantly, I learn to dream again he was a pigment of my  imagination, my inspiration, an illusion, my fantasy that brings life to my soul and he light up my passion in writing.

My regrets? is that I let him out, a very short happy friendship lasted because of my foolish actions . since then, I learned  a very hard lesson but he was gone from my life forever.I want to regain our friendship but he was terribly hurt by my actions. I lost him that instant forever. I learn to love him unconditionally because he have a special place in my heart a friendship that could be very wonderful that I wasted .I turn away from any other online connections because they are brash gallery-thumbnailseaster and horny which is exactly not my cup of tea . He was always an angel to me .

That’s why ,I told you that I loved him but he don’t love me. It’s my regrets that makes me long for him but it’s too late I lost a very beautiful friendship .I fall in love with him yes because I know he have a good heart and I for one looks at the heart of a person second on the eyes then on his perfect features.


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