how i want to be remembered by you

i’ll write more on the pages ofmy blogs that speak your names

i’ll write more of my unspoken love that can’t becutesetbg17 weaned or broken

i’ll write more of my undying love on the pages of my poems

i’ll write more from all the beauty that love brings that awakens my heart

and makes me feel alive that reflects my heart filled passion and compassion

i’ll write more from your inspirations that springs from your motivations

that every dreams and aspirations will come into fruition

i’ll write more of the great wonders of love nourished by the tides and the seasons

the  songs of everlasting love that comes from God above

I’ll write more be it healing or a lesson the teachings of awakenings and transformation leaving the past behind to weild a renewed heart and mind from life’s misfortunes

i’ll write more to  the sea of stars that shuns inspiration in my heart thanking God above for giving me a place of a fresh and brand new start from your understanding hearts

i’ll write more born from a childhood dream weaving fantasies and fairy tales from  my mind the heart forgets by time now it comes alive.

i’ll write from the chambers  of my heart that speaks of my undying love to share from me to you a heart that says I’ll be forever true.

i’ll write  more because of me and you as my  inspirations blooms , from a love eternally true i’ll promise to stay loyal and true to you as our friendships grows encouraging each other to create a better world between you, me ,us and we.

may every gestures of love that touched each others hearts we’ll spread to the ends of the earth as love rules not hate creating the world a better place to live in

let’s forget about the  pain and the sorrows forgive each other through and through let smiles spread from your cheeks and makes you brilliantly glows with beauty and loveliness let my words makes your days perfect

let us be like stars that shine in the darkest of  night to guide us by when we lost our  ways in life let your ray of sunshine shines to those whose hopes have none

let’s share love don’t hoard or guard it in your heart the more yo give love the more you’ll receive love the happier you are

love has the power to build and to destroy so guard your words let your words speaks of blessings, hope and happiness to shape the world we live in a gift for our children that they may live  in  seventh heaven while on earth

love is beauty divine a dove in cloudless sky soaring up high creates beauty before our eyes as it shines within us that brings sparks in our eyes  love is beauty of the heart an innate shine that won’t fade or flicker with time .

How do you want to be remembered?

please, remember me as someone who awakens and found out that fear is like the walls of Jericho where giants dwell  that can’t be conquered.By letting  love comes my way .  Awakened as in a trance then, I try to slay my demons inside me  the battle was terribly hard but it’s worth the fight and the walls crumbles to the ground my will ,determination wins over my struggles inside my greatest adversary was my ego after all . I WANT TO BE  remembered as  SOMEONE WITH A BEAUTIFUL HEART ,WITH A BEAUTIFUL SOUL THAT REFLECTS MY PRETTY SMILING ADORABLE FACE that lights a sparkle in my eyes for beauty is inside us not outside .



  1. sulagno13 · March 31, 2015

    it was enchanting… romantic awesome ❤


  2. bhebs · April 12

    Reblogged this on living in love and commented:

    Written two years ago…time pass by like a fleeting breeze.


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