what the future holds




17249fjwqe68m81Here’s the truth of my existence and there’s so much to say upon my deprived colorful and lonely childhood.

I’ll let myself crumble brick by brick. I have a  question, can we restore humanity out from its horror, confusion, pain, suffering the catastrophes and eventful circumstances?

Could I, be able to regain my strength to stand again and fight my way by rebuilding my crumbled and broken walls?

Could I, be able to make it? or I need people’s cooperation to make a difference hand in hand towards a bright future. I know I can’t do it alone. Is there a hope for peace, serenity, abundance, happiness and fulfillment?

Is there a way to build my self-worth out from the ruins of the past?

They say if you meet your twin flame everything around you heightened and you’ll begin to see yourself through your twin soul. You’ll undergo a series of painful transformation the push and the pull and you may not like it to be confronted by your inner demons.You’ll see your flaws and imperfections and I’ve been overwhelmed by my feelings .I’ve always been prudent and sensible now everything crumbles a new awakening takes place.

I don’t know what the future holds. If there’s a way to save humanity then, I too can find a way to create a better, happier, blessed, richer, brighter and fulfilled world of my own.To mend my broken soul, my broken spirit, my hopes, my weaknesses, my imperfections and my fears. Will I be able to mend? I implore!

Could I,  have the courage to stand and rebuild myself again after the fall to regain my tattered and broken soul?

I hope you look into the mirror of your soul and reveal the truth of your lies and betrayals. Should I cry foul you’re too much! I keep my silence and forget everything. Did you think that I’m too naive not knowing what you did? I hear noises in the background everytime me and my hubby talks. If you don’t stop would you care if I expose your treacheries? You covered my tracks and hacking my emails Why? What are you after? why can’t you email me the truth so I can give you what you want? I know what you did. I showed too much love but the injustice that I can’t allow!

Finding time to meditate, rejuvenate, to rest and sing.


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