written two years ago….

I would like to thank Trudy and Sulagno for nominating me to take part in this challenge.I’ll try to get my hand to this.My first draft was erased so try doing it from scratch again. Hope it pays off towards the end.It’s been sitting in my drafts for many months and I feel obliged to share and be part of the  WordPress family by being thankful for your love and support.

HELLO FELLOW BLOGGERS and WORDPRESS MANAGEMENT HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY! I’ll  try this challenge hope you’ll have the courage to follow through no matter how my writing tool is not well equipped and organized thanks for the likes and follows. I really love collaborating and working with all of you.  I think sharing a piece of ourselves to the world is wonderful to experience so here are my answers:

1. Why did you choose the name of your blog?

REFLECTIONS come into mind because of foresight and discernment I like to share my thoughts and ideas. Second, I love poetry though I’m still learning its structure and esoteric meaning.

2.Are you still enjoying it? Why not?

I’ve been through a major upheaval lately and it makes a great life lesson on my behalf trying to stop writing for a while, but my love for writing perseveres now I’m back with more determination to get back on my feet.

3.What do you do when you’re not here?

I’m a full-time housekeeper and writing is a form of therapy over my depression that lasted for 2 years. The truth I’m not making money from it.I write for myself because I really want to craft my creativity and I love writing a lot. A lot that when I’m inspired to write about anything that comes from my inspiration in my notebooks that it looks like a garbage of ideas also I really want to oust all doubts and fears. An assurance through faith that someday I can do all things out of nothing. That writing is fun and inspiring though I’m not really good the best thing is that I tried and willing to take sacrifices despite the odds and opposition that I’m facing right now.

4.Coffee or tea?

I’m a green tea lover with lemon sans sugar

5.What was your first record ever?

I bought a karaoke set ….I love singing at home one of my favorite pastimes. I can sing all day with friends for fun.

6.If you had a never ending supply of money and all your needs are being met what would you do with your life?

First, I would follow the principle of king Solomon in investing and get professional help of course. If I put up business I like it in the real estate though, land and agriculture.

Second, I’m a nature lover so I would love to go places and see scenic views it’s therapeutic to me.

Third, I would like to make a person happy every day by helping someone desperate to have a better life than if they passed their ordeal they have to make someone happy in exchange for the favor I gave him through one person we can make a difference in the world. Imagine, how many smiles we can create in a year?

7.Which show in your childhood you still like?

I guess it’s sesame street but as I remember I love playing and exploring rather.

8.Would you like to share guilty pleasure?

I love anime and watch with my children or watching fairy tales with my daughters.

9.Freedom is….

Being able to do everything I wanted to do and with undying support of my loved ones.

10.Kitsch is….

funny and romantic


Each nominee must at least have under 200 followers

Thank and link to the nominating blog

Answer their ten question and propose 10 new ones for your nominee

Nominate 10 blogs and tell them their nominated

write a post containing the questions

Include these rules in the post.

Here’s my real homework but I’ve written above which must not be included but erasing it will break my heart so I will answer this one too.

1.Why did you choose your blog topic?

I love sharing a piece of my mind having a too noisy mind sometimes needs constraint and writing do curb it a bit.

2.Give ! a tip that you have learned that has helped you a better blogger?

I’m not good at writing with grammar and any form of syntax, errors with conjunctions and preposition. So, I keep on writing no matter what people say.   Keep improving to become better than yesterday. Don’t stop because people change to become better in time just don’t give up on your dreams. Writing in numbers not measure, really helps when practicing it keeps you upbeat and your motivations are developed. Like, before I can write 500 words article in one day when inspired now I can do it with 2 hours without editing.

3.Where else would you live if you have a choice?

I hate too hot climate maybe because I have too sensitive skin.I have this fascination in England and it’s culture way back in high school and the monarchy.

4.How do you spend your time when you aren’t blogging?

I want to visit friends and make connections but things change due to too many restrictions so keeping home and doting on my kids always asking for their kisses after giving them favors one of my greatest joy; o be kissed by them. I do business before but even if I want to can’t make it.

5.What is your favorite television show?

family feud

6.What would be your idea of an amazing weekend?

mountain climbing an outing with family. Like going to mass together and eat out or cooking together for lunch or dinner.

7.Do you have any pets? why or why not?

I have many at home … Ants (hahaha) amazed by their strength and endurance.  Learning from their life principles saving food for the rainy days. Actually, I have Raffy my dog and a cat. I call her Muning.

8.Introvert or extrovert?

I am neither in accordance with series of test but personally, I’m an introvert I am happy on both worlds alone or not alone.Meaning, I love to be surrounded by friends and acquaintances but I need time alone too to collect myself.

9.What is your favorite movie?

Tristan and Isolde.

10.Summarize your blog in one sentence.

It’s designed to encourage, inspire and motivate.


I didn’t participate in nominating everyone I know, it was so selfish of me at that time. Keeping it all by myself. My sense of insecurity was the problem. I was writing for a reason to boost my self-confidence because I felt so small and insignificant in a big world. I want my life to matter as an inspiration that I can make a difference in my life if I want to. I don’t really want to compete, especially when my situation landed me in hot water.  Maybe one of the main reasons I did not receive or share awards to everyone. The problem was me and I’m still struggling to defeat my low self-image. It was two years ago accumulating dust in my drafts. I did not edit what I wrote here. I just added something to clear the cobwebs accumulating space. It’s quite old but worth remembering. I miss my friends and I loved them so much but things got dirty that I tried to run away and wear a mask.




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