Imagine you have a very rough day your project are  ruined and you have to go back to square 1 another sleepless nights to make things done. It just doesn’t end there your head is screaming over a bad situation thankful that a friend visits you to hear your story.

You set up measure for a cathartic change making contacts with a long-lost friend hoping he can ease your pathetic situation. Sometimes we can’t retrace our steps so moving forward we have to take no matter what it gets. Facing challenges is not an easy job but we need to find solution to our problems hoping someone would open doors of opportunity for you.

Sometimes, when our internal balance is upset we tend to make bad decisions and many mistakes in life. Every mistakes leads to many lessons and awakenings like a reborn being you’ll change, you’ll transform and you’ll grow ,mature and become stronger person. In my journey, I’ve met many challenges and pitfalls and the reason of my endless struggles is I let fear rule over me. I let someone step over my boundary until he takes everything that I own my pride and sanity still I refuse to face him, hoping he’d change but the situation got worse everyday until there’s nothing you hoped to do but wished death.

In the process I met a teacher whom I learn to value greatly because he taught me a lesson that change my life. Sometimes we love a person because they made  a difference in our life-like making you feel that you matter, believing that you can carry out great things unlike the world I was confined in. So, I felt the suffocation over my situations and trying to get from the trap I’ve been caged for a very long time.

shouting to the universes where’s justice? where’s happiness is I become desperate to find answers to my questions as naïvety gradually change to knowing.I learn to let go of my fears by letting go of my pent-up emotions even to the extent of defiance.

I bare my soul from all its flaws and imperfections then I learn to breath I found out that some part of the world more people suffer more than I do. Revealing my innermost secrets helped unleash my demons in my head and it heightened creativity to a wondrous peak that I was kinda amazed at  how I progress.

I learn to appreciate myself more the value of my being is everything to be happy and led a productive life.Living a life of deprivation can hinder our perceptions and thoughts.The key is keep a calm mind over the situaatin accept from bad to worse but being thankful for the lessons we learned along the way.It shapes  our future.


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