What’s Not Forbidden is Compulsory

this is awesome makes me fall in love over again …

Dirty Window Pane Poetry - An Experiment

I want to take you in and together be the motions of an earthquake; eruptions the likes of Vesuvius! I want to walk side by side with you, the way lions play in golden meadows, dandelions kissing their necks – soft like the touch of silks born of the beautiful-est butterfly’s transformation.

I want to cross my heart with yours, the way vines climb trees to reach the sun they so direly need, if you should fall then take me. I want to wash away your pains the way waves erase and make the face of the shores, and absorb you the way nature takes in a thunderstorm – bursting out all the life of a planet.

I want to be present in your minds eye till I die and am reborn of pure calms, that make the body shake! I want to explore your mind the way a trickling…

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