Desperate for change

283_f840fa5d627503def05c120810e4768bNow the past few days upheaval got into my skin wanting refreshments and rejuvenation on ways how to improve myself.

wish that I’m a fashionista so I can blog with flying colors. Instead, I love writing not the fashionable world.

A trusted friend try to give me a reboot on how to grow up and adapt to change which is hilarious because I’m past that age. But, grateful for his perspective and drive in helping me change from a dinosaur to what? Oh, well there are certain things that won’t change am tenacious to….

keep my feet deeply rooted on the ground from the ancients that I am! Hello? my muddled mind tells me it’s the high tech world now.Ok, where am I? I am lost once again as always.

I still can’t catch up! maybe, I need some breaking ground…..thinking of great topics out there but I’m still here confined in my cell of isolation. Maybe, tomorrow I to go out a lot  to catch some fresh air, I guess it’s suffocating here enough.  I’m more of a nature lover and have affinity to colder not so warm afternoons. I hate the scorching heat of the sun.

Checklist? to unwind a bit is what I needed could someone wanna give me an idea ?

I know there’s a lot out there but my ! I always wanted it being my original idea need to learn more.

It’s fascinating how I love to buy books but not reading them. It’s kinda weird that I want to own a massive library but today it’s not very necessary a laptop and internet can solve everything. Oh, how things have change does child-bearing got into me need whetting my addled brain .

Maybe, I’ll try something on recycling ….wanna hear my recycling dilemma way back in  high school. Well, I think don’t want to try anymore but I have this passion about natural products for housecare but will it work?

or I’ll go back to the ancient useless mumblings very desperate for change that I am.

Maybe, need to run for something important and I will let my confuse brain take rest now maybe, tomorrow is another fresh start in discovering that project.

Goodnight world I’m off to sleep .Have a good and blessed day everyone!

I wrote this almost two years ago, still contemplating this upheaval of confusion what to write about. I’ve written tons of trash still in my notebook. They say practice makes perfect I guess. I’ll do that crazy stuff. Maybe the crazier the better.


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