I’m craving for vanilla ice cream

of chocolate mousse on my plate

fudge bars and cheesecakes

icing atop my cupcake

I want peanut butter on my jello

creams for my strawberries

bouquet of roses on  my bed

pouting and nagging hoping that

you’ll give in to my cravings

I’m craving for  the whisper of  those

sweet nothings in my ear

that  melts my heart and ignites our love

in numbers as our passion flows

forever like the tides at sea.

You see it’s you that I want your love undivided

Your compassion and understanding

that reflects in the depths of the orbs in our eyes

the love and respect we have for each other

as our love grows deeper  each day as we learn to trust

each other even when we’re apart

the woman can’t you understand?

It is simply you that she wants because

all the crazy stuffs in this world couldn’t match the value of her man.

Love will blossomcutesetbg17 and grow if we learn to listen

and respect the  desires of each other

give her your love and attention

and she’ll give you her world in return

if you learn to accept her flaws and fears

don’t change a thing as she matures in years

surely you’ll know that the woman is always right

just learn to look in the orbs of her eyes and make her feel

very special in your life .





  1. sulagno13 · February 14, 2015

    very nice 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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