Why I Write

I am not a writer.  I never dreamed that I could put up this blog and write something for you to read on. Read between the lines of misspelled words and grammatical errors that pissed me off.  I seldom write, maybe because I felt  I don’t have  talents  and capacity of this too great a dream for me to deal with. Sometimes, I told myself  “why are you making a fool of yourself  thinking you can do it?” There’s a great  reason why I blog  because it’s interesting and it’s beyond my capacity, Second housework is so tedious and I love diversions since, I rarely go out to hang up with friends to name a few. With internet connections, Why not?. The big reason is boredom being a mother and jobless spending my whole life taking care of my kids and it’s therapeutic coming from a very  stressful situation of my life,  It keeps my sanity intact over severe depression. I learn to write and let go of my emotional pain and it heals me through my baggage that I carry on my back, as I let go of  my thoughts and emotions  to run on the pages of my drafts. It helps me search within my innermost being of what I really wanted from my life. Unconsciously,  as  I open my sensibilities and my flaws to the public by sharing my fears, my insecurities,  and my dreams. It opened a new opportunity  to change my situation, I became  braver and stronger person, by choosing my true happiness in life, to fight for what I really want. It’s not easy to create a new chapter in my life.

I learn to fight for my right and really fight for it to the end.



  1. franz · July 22, 2015

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  2. colinandray · July 22, 2015

    If you drink wine, and if you have a bottle close by, pour yourself a glass and toast yourself. This simple declaration of who you are puts you far ahead of many other people that I know. You have acknowledged weaknesses, and persevered regardless of them. You have recognized insecurities, but carried on any way. You have found a healthy way of coping with depression and, best of all, you have asserted yourself as a unique person with the strength to fight for your own happiness. I am very proud to be a part of your Blog world. 🙂

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    • franz · July 22, 2015

      Thank you so much Colin. I’m greatly humbled by your compliments actually, I blog to heal my wounds its too deep . Its a pleasure that you take notice and take time to read my blogs. I will do that. Getting this far is an accomplisment enough and truly, blogging helps me solve all my problems because it helps me see who I truly am and assessing what’s really bugging me.It liberates me by discarding my ego to heal my soul.

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