You Are Not Alone

if you think you can’t do it,you can’t

rise above your negative thoughts

and see the beauty that lies,

hidden in your heart –

Look in the mirror like seeing yourself

for the very first time …

look in the mirror and see your reflection

 that mirrors the ruminations of your soul

 Learn to see the beauty hidden behind your smile

 as it brings life and sparkle in your eyes

Learn to appreciate  good and bad occurrence  in your life

try to see  the bright side of every painful experience

Face your fears  accept challenges and do your share

don’t be afraid to fail just go on and try

don’t be a coward just try at the end of your journey

 you’ll know why …..

you are not alone in this world of constant struggle

 change is inevitable you will  be more if you’ll never give up trying

 you are not alone ……..

after all life is a journey and

 you’ll walk on your feet alone,

so invite friends to go along

so that your journey will never be long.

A self-affirmation to  boost some confidence by  trying  something new.I have always been afraid to try new things fearful of new changes  inability to face insurmountable challenges. The courage to face my fears and setting  goal   having many regrets in life evoke  me to start again realizing that I don’t need someone to define my future, it must begin with  me.

 Life has blessed with many  opportunities for self-improvement  still, I ended up bugged by negative thoughts welcoming them like storm  in  the summer.

 If I was wiser,  then  Life is a continuous education experience is our teacher every lesson is what we learn from life ;exams what defines who we are whether, you  fail or pass  your attitude  reveals who you are .

Face your fears  strive harder and don’t give up trying — it’s not good  living a  life of regrets and misery by  eternally battling those nagging   constant unanswered question of what if’s.

The  key to reach a milestone in your life is simply to  never give up ,try hard and harder fail if you must but success is sweeter with every obstacles that we overcome . Nature has lessons to teach us :what is sunshine when we never know darkness , what is happiness when you never know what sorrow means….evrything is opposite with the other but it was bind together to a balance that nature only understands that’s the law of nature. I guess, you will sow  what you reap ….gather what you planted .It’s like planting  an apple  seed on the ground  , dies beneath  in the darkness  after a few days it sprouted and  rise above the ground after a year or two  there  grows a big  apple tree  and bears   good  fruits .Patience , perseverance and continuous search for knowledge is essential for self growths and the willingness to learn ,to explore and adapt to change.

Honing your potential needs time and preparation it is never easy … takes time practice , study and don’t give up unleash that power within your soul to meet success!.So start now ,it’s not too late to create or build a new dream as long as you are happy doing it.That alone counts!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   10010406_1441169299457448_9046068893180062270_o


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