“faith …embolden us to walk into the land of giants,trusting God to either make them smaller or to make us bigger ” J. Gonzalez

Is there instances in your life that you’ve been tried to the limit?Like everything around you crumbles ,all the things that you put to high steem is broken  and everything just vanish and crumbles to the ground in an unexpected moment ,with the blink of an eye, everything change.

      Your stuck in a difficult situation ,it seems that the world around you is a blur .

In utter desperation you feel like a broken machine that can’t be repaired .It seems that the world around you stops turning ,you live without desire  of living   ,all hopes ,the light and happiness was siphoned out from  your system.The positive energy draws in negative vibes ,that every light in your countenance turns dark and you long for the   once glorious days .Hiding from the four corners of your chamber where you feel your being protected by the outside world, in the  depths of despair,your drowning into the bottom of the sea and can’t resurface and breath.

         I was   Suffering from a seesaw of emotional ups and down,for quite sometime so , I dig deeper within my inner unconscious mind when ,I finally let go .I cried so hard like pouring my heart out to the Lord . I feel a great relief ,finally ,slowly I can smile again the burden that I carry dispersed in thin air . Before that, I have a 10 minute meditation with Christie Marie Sheldon maybe, that really helps me loosen up.

  Walls stand for protection , a barrier or an obstruction in our lives whichever it is our comfort or strength or the obstacles of progress that restrict us from pursuing our goals and desires in life.

The walls of Jericho,which is twenty to thirty feet thick is strong and indomitable nobody could invade it or go within its walls. I think that my problem, like the wall of Jericho is so big .I  thought that I can’t conquer it with my power and strength but I was wrong ,very ,very wrong . God let me see that it was not my battles it’s his battle. Waging war against the world is not ours it’s  his ,all we need is to kneel and pray and keep silent obey him because , all things will pass and God wants me to be patient and be stong to stand my ground to show that I deserve his honor but I failed .I suffer the consequences of my sin.

My  mistake is ,I never trust God enough nor believe in his power and promises to subdue my enemies . I hardened my heart in a rebellious way that drives me to the depths of despair .  The walls of Jericho crumbles by God’s power not by human strength . They believe what God says , obey and follow his commands on the seventh day the walls fall down . Our defense against life’s indomitable obstruction or obstacles is obedience to his will and faith in his promises we don’t have to arm ourselves with anything but a humble and repentant heart that believes in him. To knell and pray it can move mountain of obstacles on our way, believe and  let God do all the hard job and we will  triumph against our enemies.

(Hebrews 11:30 )

” It was faith that made the wall of Jericho fall down after the Israelites that marched around them for seven days “

 ‘It’s  faith that makes us strong , Gods power and might will pull us through our fights as we journey along the paths of triumph …God makes a way when there’s seems to be no way if we learn to listen and obey “.


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