Christmas is the most joyous time of the year …..the air is  filled with good cheer, houses and city streets lighted with christmas lights on top of the tallest christmas trees and lanterns like starlight dazzling brightly at night reminds us of this wonderful season of the year.The air is cold in winter, but warmed by the happiness this holiday brings where families gather together to bring gifts and good tidings,it’s the perfect time to forgive and forget by being grateful for all the blessings we receive all throughout the year.  

In the eyes of the child, happiness , anticipation and delight put alight  her luminous eyes waiting at christmas eve to open the gifts she receive from her parents,godmother or godfathers and everyone who adores her .Wondering what’s inside the beautifully wrapped gift boxes underneath the big, towering christmas tree decorated with trinkets and ribbons around it.Christmas is a time of gift giving and receiving from generous heart’s inspired by good old Santa Claus,the spirit of the season brings joy and laughter everywhere.

What is Christmas in my eyes?

As a child that comes from a broken family ….christmas isn’t the best time of the year ,since it brought sad memories that sag my spirit.I used to gaze up on a star wishing …hoping that one day my father will arrive bringing the perfect gift of christmas ,since my nativity falls on the 26th his presence makes me forget all the pains and heartaches of living far from each other .He is seafarer, so he seldom comes home to stay he strays away from us nurturing his own pain.But never once ,I remember bringing me that perfect gift up to this day ,celebrating my 40th birthday . Getting married at my twenty ,living miles apart ….yes ,I visit him in the summer together with my children and celebrating  his 72nd  birthday for the very first time in my memory, was the best day of my entire life.But ,this holiday season without him and my brother,Vincent who lives in Thailand together with his family brought familiar pain in my  heart .Not until ,I fully understand the true message of christmas ….from now on ,I will always be grateful and happy to share the blessings that I receive.  The perfect gift we seldom appreciate what is the real meaning of this holiday season .It is an eye opener ,we just receive the greatest love from above God’s unconditional love by bringing the Emmanuel “God with us” on earth.I was dismayed by how others address christmas as Xmas I hope this passage from the bible will open our eyes to the truth that christmas isn’t about family gatherings or get-together and gift giving there is more to it that meets the eye. It’s the season of love ,peace and hope to those who have none … prophesied in the book of{ Isaiah 9:6-7}

“a child is born to us ! a son is given to us!

and he will be our ruler.He will be called ,

“wonderful”, “counselor”,”mighty God”,

“eternal father”,”prince of peace”

His royal power will continue to grow ;

his kingdom will always be at peace .

He will rule as David’s successor ,basing his power

on right and justice ,from now until the end of time.

The Lord almighty is determined to do all this.


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