I will not cry, I will fly high                                                                                         life is full of beginning and endings

an endless routes or a dead-end

sometimes there are doors that cannot be opened

so you have to find a way out

whether to crawl to a dog’s hole

or break a wall

The lessons I learned in this process of change

life is your decision whether to make or break it

it’s yours alone and yours to blame

Blaming others is childish

stand for yourself and give your best

because life will bless and honor those

who learn and gain from their mistakes

perfection is a myth.

So live your life that suits you best

as long as your happy doing it

regrets will come when you least

expect it

Don’t be bothered just go on and try

age doesn’t matter as long as dreams is your master

a novel reward is right there in the corner

so go on and fly

spread your wings and soar up high

 life is not a reason to weep and cry

but a journey

an adventure

of a lifetime



  1. Ngobesing Romanus · December 24, 2014

    Hello Vivien! I am happy to be here. Your post is full of great thoughts: “spread your wings and soar up high”; “give your best”. We have a lot in common. I am happy we are journeying together. Wish you the best at Christmas. Let me add one thought: Let your light shine!

    Liked by 1 person

    • viviencases · December 25, 2014

      Thank you, truly you are an inspirer ….the right defination of the word .My warmest wishes of happiness and good health this christmas and the whole year!


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