Many of us want to look good and attractive having a beautiful and fit body boast our self confidence.It  will  not just increase  our self valuation but it can  also add to our productivity and wellness specially if we take strict measure to work out at least 3x a week.

          A few months ago I was suffering from extremely  stressful situation turning to  food as my therapy so I got bigger and bigger .Discouraged and crestfallen seeing my ungainly reflection in the mirror helps me to take great measure to solve my personal issue.I do everything to shed off the ungainly pounds along the stretch marks and cellulite over the legs and tights that won’t budge .  Being overweight there are lots of physical problem that goes along with it not just mental and psychological difficulty that we  face.  I tried losing weight by starving and bingeing food out from my stomach ,yo-yo even crash diets but instead of losing weight I end up gaining more so I take intensive measure to search for an inexpensive way of losing weight and finally after a month my body change dramatically I got  slimmer and fitter and younger as an added bonus that goes along with it . Getting  very remarkable result along with a beautiful younger skin is amazing by using the food right in my kitchen .Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach with ginger tea   really works wonders in my body all my unsightly fats gone . Knowing this healthy diet rages on  the internet.  Wanting  everyone to know that it is very effective and shows no signs of side effects  compared to slimming tablets sold in the market .  The good news is  this super foods have healing qualities it cures diseases from simple migraine to cancer amazing right? I keep on losing that excess body fat along the stomach area everyday even without workouts by taking this five super foods in your kitchen .Combining two or three makes the potency more powerful but take some precaution mostly, if you have internal issues ,allergy or hypersensitivity.

I just want to stress the effectiveness of these super foods that make you loss weight and keep a fitter and healthier more beautiful and confident  you all throughout your life .                                                                                                                                                LEMON WATER053_3000x2561_all-free-download.com_7935271[1]

               Make it a point to begin your day with these nutritious packed lemon water in the morning .I try it and its very effective along with its health benefits if you want a healthy sizzle in the  morning to make your body awake, it sure does wonders to your body.


                                             GINGER TEA

ginger increases immunity it lower cholesterol and blood pressure . It  has restorative effects  try it once with my diarrhea with lemon juice and these combination of ginger tea and lemon water in the morning is a dual killer for fat loss in the stomach area tried and   tested and  it works wonders in my body never have I imagined that would lose all that fat in my stomach area even without doing extreme workshop .The best part is it only target the excess fats   while maintaining  the chest and hips area intact. If it has its health benefits be careful because it may also have its side effects on breastfeeding women,people with intestinal problems,those who have a hyper sensitive skin and allergy.


                                             GREEN TEA

Green tea is a product made from Camellia Senensis plant or its extract  can be  use as beverage or medicine.It has no known serious side effects and It has a very long list of health benefits in our body.Green tea can’t be taken on an empty stomach due to tannin  a compound found in green tea that increase stomach acidity before taking that delicious restorative ,drink a cup of water first to balance the acidity in your stomach leading to nauseous feeling and constipation. researchers found out that it can also cure some mental dysfunctions such as Chron’s disease and Parkinson’s disease .it is perfect to begin your day because it can improve mental alertness dealing with important functions of brain messages.Be aware that catechins can decrease  iron absorption  in  food.


It  is  the fermented juice of crush apples and it’s  widely use as medicine or for cooking. It helps in breakdown to some foods and help rd the body toxins.Apple cider is rich in vitamins and minerals which is crucial to optimal health and wellness specially for those living a holistic life they garner great benefits from it so don’t let your kitchen go without these superfoods.Best to drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach you can add lemon for a sizzling twist. to stimulate your thinking ,slow the aging process regulate blood pressure and cut cholesterol . Reduce blood sugar for those suffering from diabetes prevent osteoporosis and arthritis .It has an amazing effects in our body using it helps me get rid of  my constipation and spider veins in your legs specially for women.



It is widely known herb and great flavoring for foods.Use as an antibacterial and  antifungal has a wide spectrum of healing properties and widely use as medicine .Taking it with green tea makes me sweat profusely like a burning sensation in my body but it helps my metabolism spike.however ,it has side effects like heartburn,gas,nausea,vomiting,body odor and diarrhea worse with eating raw garlic. There’s serious risk of bleeding for those consuming it in large amount before  a surgery it also might cause  allergic reaction for those suffering from asthma.




  1. sindhuyeturi · January 7, 2015

    I am trying to slim down as well 🙂 I’ll try these super foods as well!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • viviencases · January 8, 2015

      It’s tried and proven, just stay away from sweets or sugar and carbs as well because it makes you eat a lot.


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