we all know that love is the most powerful force in the world.Today i want to talk about it since my draft yesterday was not saved. It my first challenge to write 500 words a day and I want to keep writing until my 365 days is complete and see my improvements  Because I was so slow in typing that’s why I need to practice more without editing at the same time writing fast that is my goal .The sad part is I fail in this challenge and I want to keep up somehow.

A person who loves hurts the most

who gives without asking anything in return

who give the brightest smile even they

are hurting

who understand even in the most

trying circumstances

who sacrifice and compromise for

those with whom he love and cherish

who  gives without complaining

and he glory in sharing because,

he knows real happiness cannot be found

in wealth,power and prestige

nor on the things acquired  on the face

of the earth.

out of love the world evolve and come into being

from the God we knew existed.

Love a powerful tool to make the weak strong,

and  the  strong become feeble

It has the power to mend ,to heal and to make

us complete

for  love conceives us all . It binds us in

mutual peace, the source of happiness

and pure bliss.

Love in its beauty and profundity
it can   be  shared by one and all

between lovers,friends ,parents ,family ,

between lovers,friends ,parents ,family ,

neighbors and siblings

Love covers the multitude of sins

and bandaged our pain and misery

an instrument to unite all humanity

of colors , shape and diversity.



  1. sulagno13 · December 8, 2014



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