I want to write an interisting article or a story .  In this blog where am going to post a piece of literary mastery, but all I have is a dictionary to help make up my handicapped creativity . As words flow like an electric current wired from my mental faculty but it dies as my mind withdraws to insufficiency.In the shadow of self-doubt .I want to pour my heart out ,but it seems my words runs shallow and superficial. 

             I am writing a piece ,a parcel of my thoughts wishing that every words I wield in this draft  that I craft  will  make one’s  mark to my readers’ heart.   

          But hard as i could in this journey that I choose ,where knowledge, creativity and  perception is a measure of success .I wish i can find  a foothold to soar like  a pretty butterfly in the garden of roses.Where words is a key to unlock all mystery of an extroverted mind like me. 

          My blood runs like an ink to my pen that bounces life to the pages of this blog that comes from this restless mind. As the words flows like blood spreading in this pages creating visions poured out from an impregnated  ability .The powers of words will make or break you like a broken dam,  when  patterns and rules are violated. 

             I want to write words of reflections on the pages of misconceptions,or a word of inspiration to warm  a heart filled with desperation .To explore and motivate the world of hate into  compassion and arouse stimulation .Would I write about a lesson of life’s reflection ,a word of influence to incite deeper knowledge and revelations o n the ground of day-to-day living.Sometimes , in the breach of my inefficiency .I want to gather all the words and deep knowledge of the world .So that I will not juggle and struggle with words in this creative piece of article that took  time for me  to finish.My pen is my precious treasures with whom I can’t live without managed to  keep me on  the right tract  when everything turns abstract.

If a man begins with certainties,he shall end in doubts.,but if he will be content to begin with doubts ,he shall end in  certainties                 (Francis Bacon)



  1. Robin S. Kent · November 19, 2014

    Compelling essay in the expression of the emotional need to write. Keep at it……


  2. viviencases · November 19, 2014

    thanks Kevin …..


  3. The Connoisseur of Love · March 3, 2015

    Stop doubting and keep writing. Enjoyed your story.


    • viviencases · March 3, 2015

      thank you it’s good to her that ….I love the moral lesson you share.


  4. Yuriy Ku (Drop) · March 23, 2015

    You doubt even better here than Francis Bacon used to.


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