Am I good enough to launch my writing career? that is a million dollar question .I have lots of apprehensions and insecurities over my unproven skill.

The fear that clouded my will and determination to pursue my dream tried  to stop me .   My mind tells me your not worth it.  My mind is trying to question my capacity  while my heart encourage  me to go on.  Telling me you don’t need to be perfect to get started . So here I am, trying to share the piece of me for  the world to uncover .To meet my dream by following the beatings of my heart .

Reading is what I love most .s…my days is not complete without a book beside me. You can see me at the  nooks of libraries, having my head bowed  in a book cover .Reading fascinates me. Being so painfully shy ,emotional and sensitive .  Reading takes me to places I’ve never been.I am  a naturally born free-spirited person but never have the chance to explore the world so, the book  is my best friend and confidant.  I don’t have lots of friends but the ones I gather maybe two or three lasted two decades after .  that Even  distance could  never alter the bonds we have while we were still in our schoolgirl uniforms. We have one thing in common we are a bunches of bookworm.

I know that writing is not easy. I have to struggle with language barrier and grammatical errors . Please forgive me if you found some on my writings. It’s something that I have to work out with by going to the basics.  But allow me to go on my rantings about a dream I was  about to  build  , a career path , and  a niche in life where I have none.  This  opportunity will  get me there someday through hard work and determination . I will try to go on even  setbacks   and  uncertainty   might hinder me  along the way. I know by pursuing after my long forgotten dream will give me a deeper sense of   self fulfillment and happiness .I believe that success without  happiness is useless . My failures  in  this chosen  field will vouch me to be good in my chosen career,  which will  teach me to learn and grow as an individual . As a person , as a woman who finally found something to dream  on .I  want to do freelance jobs where I don’t  have to juggle with  the daily morning  traffic in our country . Where I  am the master of my time and wear  my shorts and pajamas comfortably .    Where I can set time to bond and have time with my kids. Do  the laundry  and tons of everyday infinite   housework.  Being a mother, I don’t want to work outside our home and everyday routines irritates me  .This is how a struggling writer started to  create her story ,fired by   passion and determination to  build her world through  dreams and aspirations .



  1. Sharon Greene · December 23, 2014

    Follow your dreams. I hope they come true for you.

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    • viviencases · December 24, 2014

      thanks Sharon for the word of encouragement …It’s good to be on the first step towards my dreams.Merry christmas!

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  2. Yuriy Ku (Drop) · March 23, 2015

    There are no independent people, they are always dependent. Some (just a few) people are lucky I think. I always wondered whether they are really successful and happy because what they call success can be just a happy failure or incident and what they call long-standing happiness is just a state of mind and body.

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  3. franz · March 23, 2015

    for me happiness sums up to one thing ……you really love what you love to do and living it. It’s not money, prestige, power or sex and high educational attainments. Less responsibility means less worry.I am always dependent and being independent is good but sometimes it makes someone proud of their accomplishments. It’s good to have a significant other who support you along the way and understand your evry whims with trust, respect and unconditional love. For me that alone matters I love writing and poetry it’s a childhood dream by doing it again it makes me whole.

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