What motivates you? that is a big question ,dreaming to be a writer or copywriter someday motivates me to learn and read more realizing that I’m too far away from my lofty dream.Being a mother of three , jobless ,a housekeeper  doing the same endless,  tiresome, infinite housework everyday and making ends meet drives me to my wits end .I want to write and write but my vocabulary gives way to mediocrity  which frustrates me more, being a person who loves diversity its so hard to focus in one goal at a time .

         I believe that there’s a time for everything, it’s true.   But everything needs hard work and determination to meet our  dreams and aspirations in life .I learned the people who have the guts ,who take risk and able  to juggle difficulties by facing every challenges that propels success in their way. They are the one’s who gained honor,  wealth and prestige in their endeavors. Successful people work hard to get on top by years of learning and experience honing their craft  to unleash their full potential.

 Realizing that living in simplicity and  being content  as a dedicated mother ,taking care  of her kids is the best profession i gather,but as the kids gets older and they got in college and finances go in the drain . I began to question myself what I really want to do with my life? At my age no company would hire someone like me ,I have no college diploma to boast and without professional occupation .But, I don’t want to grow old having little or no means of support . Living by the thought of having my glass half empty really got into me so I need a mental positive reboot in my system .I want to study again but our meager income is impending my desire to learn .Luckily ,I have access to the  internet where opportunities abounds and where our capabilities and ability to do certain online jobs is encourage.

Here, in word press thankful for the great opportunity God bestowed upon me .Where I’ve been given a chance to initiate my novice writing career .Hoping that someday through this very humble beginning coupled with positive mind and motivation .Work will knock on my doorsteps and I will have boundless financial advancement and success. For the meantime ,It was where I’m honing my writing career which is my passion. Preparing myself for the great battles am going to face in accordance to the niche I’m inclined to accomplish.I won’t charge unarmed and unprepared that leads my name to suffer by failing in doing certain task .

I  know that writing is never easy, knowing It’s where i belong and where I want to be .I want to try my hand even failures hinders my path to become a great writer someday.I will still keep on writing even if people will try to criticize my work .Even no one listens or care I will try anyway.Someday,everything will be effortless and sweet with every earnest attempt to achieve greatness in my chosen career path .

   hard work , practice and discipline spiced with the spark of passion   you can climb and get on top  the mountain of your dreams



  1. Robin S. Kent · November 6, 2014

    You have written a good essay on the challenges that face you and many others will recognize similarities with their own experience. WordPress gives you a platform to tell your story and to practice the craft of writing. I look forward to watching the journey.

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  2. Holistic Wayfarer · November 22, 2014

    Totally get you. =) Achievement and striving for one’s dreams are pet topics of mine. All the best to you here, V. Thanks so much for the hearty support.



    • viviencases · November 22, 2014

      thanks Diana …paving my way to be a writer is hard but try it anyway …thanks for your support appreciate it so much .god bless.


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