cutesetbg17Love is like planting a flower bed of roses ,

who can resist its beauty and its sweetness

the joy ,the delight it brings to ones heart; 

be careful,  thorns can bled. 

Love  runs like a river that flows to the sea 

how  can we stop it? 

 From proceeding to the ocean of discoveries.

 Love like a consuming fire that can never be put out

how can we stop the fire from burning ?

 the heated passion , the compelling emotions;  

of human aspiration.


Love is like the air  ,it’s simply there;

cannot be seen or heard but perceive  by the heart,

 its mystery ,eludes human comprehension 

when extricated;   

 Is there a reason to live? 

In view of all life’s misery ,love is the only cure  

to all humanity ;

 for love is the greatest, for love is  divine,

 for love is god and God is love.


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