“Expectation is the root of all heartaches”

William Shakespeare


When there are expectations there are troubles without end. When we overthink and expect a person is perfectly expressing goodness and showing value in everything that we do. One day, they seemed silent, repressed, unapproachable and we are hurt by their disdainful action. My dear, it’s not about you, always remember that. Everyone is struggling with their personal battle, first the self, familial, mental, health, and personal struggles with the harsh realities of life. Don’t hold on to grudge in sentiments over small things. Instead, learn to put beauty in everything, dust off that cobwebs of your feelings don’t overthink matters that are beyond you.

Learn to ask what is in their hearts and mind. Don’t conclude, instead hear them out first. If things are not settled, if it is beyond you look on the brighter side of life. A sunny disposition is better than a grouchy old lout. What’s important is you, and nobody else. It’s your life mold it by choosing what is fair and just. What is noble and right. At the end of the day, it’s all about you. Be your best self-don’t over calculate what people said because we can’t see visibly what they really think. It’s not written on their foreheads. Move on, smile and be grateful for life is a precious gift. open it with the wonders of a child.  Every day God opens for us a new beginning to start again what we fail to do yesterday.

there are angels who have no wings

Richard A.


We walked together you and me

Though, I’ve never got the chance to see you

Nor hold your hands or see the glimmer in your eyes.

You are there a shining star guiding my way through the darkness.

You are the light that pushed me through

Calming the storms and tempest on the road I walked on.

Shine, sparkle, and shine!

My distant star guiding me through the darkest night.

You never give up the fight to show the light in my heart.

Thank you for believing and see me through.

We walked together you and me

You never leave by my side.

Your words a balm of an aching soul

The oasis of hope in times of trouble.

Thank you.

you flutter with butterfly wings

a daisy blooming in a garden.



Why retracing steps back is harder than moving forward?

An arrow loosened can’t be recalled, so is the words spoken

to alleviate or hurt.

So is the decisions we make, the choices we choose,

The mistakes we did,  the path we choose to tread.

The tresses cut from your crown.

As well as the time that silently says goodbye.

As age takes its toll and covet primal power and strength

Of our youth.

Can we claim it again?

Everything that we let loose?

Can we go back in time and alter events?

Can we command the rain to stop crying or stop the storm from devastation?

Can we summon the surfs to stop reverting to the shore?

Can we alter the course of the sun from its setting and rising every day, for even a second?

Can we alter the eventualities of our lives, given second chances?

Can we alter the passage we journeyed behind and go back from where it all began without changing anything?

If a heart is made of glass, can we put it back again after breaking?

The food ingested and digested?

The plants that grew from a tiny seed growing into tall trees?

The trees that were cut from the forest?

The river that runs to the sea?

Just how our lives are used to be.

Maybe, change is constant and remain unchanged

As inevitable as how everything starts and have its end.

As we journeyed to an uncertain tomorrow.

We dreamed and wished upon a star.

We learned we lost, we grow, we gain, we become wiser,

We become better than before,

Can we bargain anything to go back in time?

Maybe, reincarnation will do the job.


Let time heal its wound and bandage its misery

Create a way to its fate and destiny.


As time flows on its unaltered course,

A dance in rhythm that remains the same…

Reminding us soon time stops and so are we.

And so we go,

And so we flow.

Towards a dreamless sky,

In a limbo of nothingness.

To heaven, to hell?

Who could guess?

Then, ask yourself, you know best.

a token of love

Life is full of mystery and love is one of the unfoldings of that mystery. There’s beauty in falling in love, there’s no greater happiness that can give you that feeling of unrivaled joy like you’re on cloud nine. Like a dreamer,  love continues to amaze me and I been through a journey of finding love only to come back and find myself. That journey of self-discovery in finding the essence and truth of our existence as it slowly unfolds through the words that bear meaning and relevance in my life. Know that love is like finding a garden of roses filled with thorns. To love is to keep the heart open for breaking, it makes you vulnerable but there’s nothing as valuable than knowing that you loved and being loved.

” There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved” George Sand wisely versed that as human being we want connections and interaction with another that you will say to yourself, ” He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same.” ( Emily Bronte) love is the reflection of who we are.

We agree or not we want someone who mirrors our feelings for them and nothing is as perfect as running into someone who shares our world view. Love is a reflection in your eyes, that smile that comes from the marrow of your soul that makes you shine brighter than the sun. Love is magic, it has the power that pulls us to the heights of the universe and writes your names in the constellation and shines among the stars in heaven. they said that coupled stars shine the brightest by giving each other warmth.

Legend says stars shine brighter when it shared its warmth to others. It means,” Love – what you keep to yourself you lose; what you give away you keep forever.”  Love is meant being shared, it must be generously given so that it will return to us hundred fold. Love in our hearts must be given away to experience the richness and fullness of life. Love was given, love received.

Love works like magic. To feel its intensity and passion is a wonderful and beautiful experience that we can’t withhold to anyone or anybody.

As Beethoven nailed the words, ” Love demands all and has the right to do it.” Therefore, let us love one another for God is love. It remains inside us like a fire that keeps on burning.

Love is like air, the necessity of man to feel accepted and appreciated and we always want to find that special kind of love that defies reason and understanding. It’s a human frailty, to love those who don’t want to be with them simply because, deep in the heart of heart, when someone is not ready they are looking for someone to get laid and get played at. When you found the right person, either it’s already too late, you’re already married. Love sometimes comes too early but you’re not ready for it. There is painful reason in loving and losing but that’s the reality of life. They said that you just can’t have it all.

“Love and egg are best when they are fresh” from Russian proverbs.


When falling in love, there’s a chemical reaction in the body that makes, someone become addicted to love. The feeling of high that makes everything around you looks like a beautiful paradise while day dreaming of the clouds of a future dream, being together forever. It feels like your in cloud nine dreaming of a far distant tomorrow.  A life filled with chocolates hugs and kisses where everything is sweet and intimacy is great. This is the first stage, that many want to feel like this forever but there are things we can’t control in life and love everything is susceptible to change with time.

“Love, at first sight, is often cured by second look”

Do you believe in love at first sight? Where butterflies fluttering wildly in your stomach and your eyes for a second glued to his and eternity pass by. There’s a feeling of unease and shyness as fresh blush blooms in your cheeks that makes you look like a radiant goddess? That is the first look.

Now, the man came and visit her place and saw the ugly side of her personality prior to getting to know each other and sense that they will never ever click. The next day he or she will be off quick!  What’s next is you’re wondering, thinking why he doesn’t call you anymore. Suddenly he becomes too busy for you where once he was always there showering you praises and flowers.

” Nothing beats love at first sight except love with insight” Love need not only being felt, it needs a mind and a heart to keep something for ourselves by not giving everything and anything to the other person as Lady Gaga says, being young and easily fooled need someone to be there for them to guide them for first love is the crucial stage of discovering things that are stranger to us. It’s welcoming a feeling that smells and feels like heaven.” Some women choose to follow men, some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore. Well, that’s insight. The reason why she’s a  success. A very timely advice for our youth. Make yourself a worthy person and love who knows your soulmate who can see your value will chase after you.

Puppy love is just a prelude to a dog’s life.

Puppy love was there as a passage of accepting the painful reality of life. Love is commitment. Love is loving a person faults and all. True love is not afraid of the painful challenges and strenuous battles of your differences. Love is acceptance of the person as a whole loving them in spite of their unruly hair and stinky mouth as they wake up in the morning. Their armpits reeking of malice after work out. Loving the person as he/ she is and embracing that ugly side, the faults, and flaws.

the difference between puppy love and true love lies between a thin line of commitment and acceptance.

Love is nature

A flower cannot blossom without the sunshine, a man cannot live without love” ~ MAX MULLER~

Brian Tracy simply puts it, ” The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance. As a human being, we all make mistakes and it’s our human nature to perceive situation and ideas differently that’s why we need communication to settle indifference together because love has many languages. What is important to us might not be important to the person we love. Communication is a must. Love is like a flower we tended with care and tenderness. It takes time before it bloom and flourishes. You know when it’s love when the other person happiness is important to you. Love is admiring the roses while appreciating the thorns. Love is knowing that you’re going to get hurt but you still love without asking the reason why. Love brings the sunshine in our lives as well as dark threatening storms because, it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”  Alfred Tynneson, cited. Where there is love there is life. ” Mahatma Gandhi says and ” ” nobody can ever measure, not even poets. How much the heart can hold ” stated by Zelda Fitzgerald.

Love is a medicine….it cures people when we receive it from the one with whom we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Love is like glass…. It can shatter to pieces if we don’t hold it with both hands… Love will wilt and It dies in any form of betrayal and lies can turn that love into hate. Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source, it dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds, it dies of illness and witherings, of tarnishings. ( Anais Nin) Love is the glue that cements friendships and relationship. Beware of jealousy that keeps it from sticking because indifference not hate is the true enemy of love.

In finding love amidst the journey of this life is over, I  came to a conclusion that falling in love with ourselves first gives no opportunity for someone to break your heart. You know when to let go and don’t hold on to something that is fleeting and intrinsically reciprocal so you go on your way and don’t look back…..

However, reality will wake us from such illusion that love is simply reciprocated and returned with the same intensity you’ve given. What if you give, and give without being given what you feel, of course, is an apparent loss and heartbreak is serenading. You already feel the storm is brewing mightily in the corner of your eyes. Because love has the power to break us to pieces but there’s someone out there who will love us without condition. Look for the one who was always there beside you, not the one who wasn’t there because the reality will always let us know that Perfect love sometimes does not come ’til the first grandchild”.

The key to an unbreakable heart is an intimate relationship with God. God can fill the void that no one can fill. If God is in your heart you’re already complete the one’s who came will be there to guide us and give you direction to find your purpose and fulfillment. Your friends, family, loved ones and acquaintances they are there to make your life a life worthy of living. Someone will come to give us a reason and a lesson to grow as a better person for life on earth. There’a place where we have to deal with many challenges that we have to cope and surpass.


thoughts and prayer


Duality of thoughts

Beauty fades

in mental disarray

Thorns beneath her bed

Long sleepless nights

Eyes wide awake,

brain ran wild.



Echoes in her mind

in the stillness of the night,

blank pages inked with red

embossed in empty sheets

Bearing  beatings within veins

secrets contents from her heart.



She found within

prayers drive from her frail soul

To stand against the raging storm

trying to assail her hope night and day

God her rock and strength.

Her guide and protection in times of trouble.



She carries within

Strident like an arrow

She tossed into the sky

Breaking the shield of darkness

In her life.



an undying mantra

To rest her care to the Lord

Like a child in his arms

Where her joy and peace

Are truly found.

Oh men!


Boys and Men


Men are complex beings.

Sometimes like a child, they want to be pampered, eventually, at the same time, he wants to be the hero of your life.

Like a child and adult rolled into one.

Women love their men that way, that’s why she acted like his sister, his mother, his lover, partner and his friend and his cook.

Giving him the favor and great privileges.

If a woman lack one of these characteristics that are the basis of cultivating a great relationship. It’s a crucial step to capture his attention by keeping his stomach full by being his everything or nothing.

The woman’s main objective is being a good cook. If he is always full, it means he is always in good mood. He will not look anywhere to make his fill.

Lacking all of this attributes means we must be prepared for an accident landing in a ditch is not a pretty sight.

That’s why men came from Mars and women from Venus.


Love quirks


You rock my world.

You held my heart

Mangle it beyond recognition.

And return it without remorse.


I should have hated you for doing that

But I still love you even more.



I’ve never known that love could be as bright as the sun  and there’s nothing as painful as hell when  returned    back to you,  purplish  black and blue. Too late to know as you held it between your hands that moment will dawned , that I can’t take it back. Pulverized it to dust and scatter wishes in the wind to heal the world from pain and miseries. To live in the light of love and harmony by living in his divine light to lead our way to the truth of our existence.Love hurts always. To feel its ferocity is a curse but,  exactly what the world needs to heal the broken , bruised and lost.



Love hurts always. To feel its ferocity is a curse but,  exactly what the world needs to heal the broken, bruised and lost.

You came and I know that I can’t love anyone just the way how you made me  feel. The way how you complete the last piece of the puzzle that I am.



We love, within great  fervor and ardor even they break your heart, love still lives and work magic. Don’t give up loving the unlovable they might be broken than they refuse to know but forget to acknowledge. So they are hiding behind a mask of pretension. Don’t give up they might need a change of heart too. get rid of the bad memories they’re still nursing from the past.


Where purest gold flows

That shimmer and glow.

Love grow where no hatred can flourish,

The beholder of happiness.