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How to Read the Bible (sequel 3)

Something…I want to discover closely, a written worlds of treasure.

Immanuel Verbondskind - עמנואל קאָווענאַנט קינד

A Book about God written for us all

Though there are many issues of controversy and concern in the modern age that are not directly mentioned in the Bible we are able to find answers to them in the most sacred book of all times.

English: By Rembrandt. the apostle Paul by Rembrandt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nearly two thousand years ago the Jewish rabbi Saul of Tarsus, today better known as the apostle Paul wrote to the Roman community

Romans 15:4 (TS98)
4 For whatever was written before was written for our instruction, that through endurance and encouragement of the Scriptures we might have the expectation.

Today, many may think the Bible was written to others and has no value for us today. Even when those writings are so old, they are still valuable today. When you want to take time to listen to those words you shall find that those ancient…

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change is inevitable

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life is precious, things are objects that rust and rot from wear and tear.

life evolves from eternity to eternity created by God, the giver of life.

Compassion turns to hate in this cruel world, realities are harsh,  it’s inevitable.

Change is always rolling, the metamorphosis of a caterpillar

to a beautiful butterfly,  from bright sunny morning to a stormy spring.

seeking peace and serenity within, hope is like a seed that keeps on growing,

always believing that each brilliant morning, the transformation of a boy to a man. From a man to an adult child, the miracle of a  rolling stream towards the sea going back to the source of life to vast immensity,  as spirit alight leaving sheltered skin to rest. Deep in the bosom of an ocean, a life evolves as shifting sands of time continue to step forward unmindful of the past.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7


Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hope, always perseveres.( 1 corinthians 13: 4-7)

It says, that when we really love someone, then it always protects, always trust always hopes, always persevere for love is patient and kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It always understands each other’s weaknesses and failures. Love will always forgive and keep no records of wrongs, love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Love is not self-seeking nor selfish, it always has the reason to respect the other despite differences.

What the world teaches about love is the complete opposite from the real meaning of love. Captured from biblical text as many Christians believed, proven tried and true. Is this why there are many spouses who give up without really trying to solve their marital issues? Is this why divorce and separation are the trends nowadays?

The bible teaches us how to walk with love and how to show love. It is already known when God’s spirit rest in our lives we can spread that love to others and share it with the whole world as a whole. Here is a note by D.L. Moody derived from Notes from the Bible. How wonderfully he characterize love in his writing.

Joy is love exulting

Peace is love reposing.

Long suffering is love untiring.

Gentleness is love enduring.

Goodness is love in action.

Faith is love on the battlefield.

Meekness is love under discipline.

temperance is love in training.

Love is a universal word that we seldom or always say to everyone and to the very special someone in our lives. The question is did we really meant what we said or does it only comes out from the nose and didn’t really mean a thing. loving the unlovable and the person that has hurt us terribly in the past is not very easy to do. It needs time and real effort and energy to stay in harmonious relationships with them, even instill great patience and acceptance to face them cordially.

Wherever we go whatever we do, either one way or another someone or somebody out there will not approve of everything that we do, our innate beliefs, actions, thoughts, and ideas.

 Sometimes, they will trample your pride and self-worth by trying to diminish you in the eyes of others.   They even go beyond the extent of making you a laughingstock by blunders and bullying. If this is how love supposes to be, then it’s not very easy, not at all!  Love is doing great effort to make our loved ones happy and approving. Still they see some disapproving loopholes in our character and personality, In the end, we felt harassed, unappreciated and unloved. We try harder but our efforts are trampled and they go to the drain wasted. 

Harboring hate and deep-seated anger are not good for the heart, body, and soul. These negative feelings will create illness and diseases and what is more, it will make us truly unhappy and empty inside. Like something is missing in one’s life. 


“We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies. ”  Martin Luther King Jr.

Because in truth to love is to give the best to everyone, putting them first above your own. Which is the hardest thing to do because it’s widely known that loving you first before someone else does we learn to truly love and accept the other. I’m not a self-acclaim guru here. I just want to delve on the importance of love and the power of forgiveness in our lives.

This powerful word is real and alive if we try harder by learning to understand a person and truly look into their heart and soul the extent of their unkindness and rudeness towards you. Instead of harboring a grudge try to show them love and respect. Try to put yourself in their shoes, maybe they feel very low and suffer from a depressive situation at that point. Let us try to understand know and feel other’s thoughts and feelings.

 I’ll tell you, kindness has a way to stir the conscience even those whose heart has been darkened by pride and self-glory. By doing so we can win them over and find a real and loyal friends, in return but it does not apply to everyone, I presume. 

To forgive someone is a long journey home, it’s like climbing a mount Everest. It’s a constant struggle that needs an abundant amount of restraint and patience to forgive a person and give them second chances. Chances are and they might abuse your kindness and take advantage of your goofy duck attitude as weakness.

 Did you go around searching for love and acceptance?. Assuming or even hoping to be the next Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha or Jesus Christ. Do we have to go to that extreme to feel accepted and appreciated for who we are faults, flaw, mistakes along with our rough and ragged edges of our personality?.

Each individual has a different mindset because each one of us is unique. It needs intuition in how to treat each individual according to their personality and attitude.

Martin Luther King, Jr. a human right champion set an example of this powerful word:  forgiveness because he was also a victim of injustice and the hero of his time where injustice was prevalent. He saw it and teach the people that each individual is a creation of God, therefore, each person is equally important regardless of their position or station in life either he’s a slave or a master. He was loved by the people of his time until the present because he knows how to forgive as a leeway to achieve greater love and divine abundance in return.

Therefore, love and forgiveness go hand in hand because we can’t truly love without forgiving and giving importance to others.

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I would…

the perfect perception of love….This amazing poetess! Try to read her blogs you can’t have enough.

The Darkest Fairytale

I’d fracture my bones
To defend yours,
I’d fight in battles
To protect you from wars.
I’d take your pain
And all your tears
I’d die a million times
Just to face your fears.
I’d break my heart
So yours wouldn’t shatter,
I’d give you the world
If it made you happier.
I’d risk everything & more
Just to see you smile
You make living
Worth fighting for.


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We reach to an almost but not quiet

to the point of breaking.

Together, we  choose to stay,

despite of the  unquiet.


Lies stands

like a mountain between us.

forever, is  an almost   forgotten page

in the first chapter of our book.


The vows we made between

your people and mine in

that massive cathedral

where our exodus begun.


Where the genesis of creating

our hopes and dreams,

the foundation; a  sweet  reminder of

how good everything have been.


Your promises sounds like echoes in the rain

to suffer, to care, to love and to share

every ups and down. Every joys and tears.

Every pain and fears.


That with you, through thick and thin we’ll sail it through.

If not forever but a lifetime with you.


it’s almost a year since I last posted. Here are a Christmas thoughts for one and all. It’s good to be back and send Christmas wishes from my heart. Have a blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

living in love

Dreaming gifts and presents from you

but we have nothing in our pockets

to  buy Christmas gifts,

even wishes sometimes won’t come true.

Just a hug and thoughts  from you

carries more value than treasures that vanish

but you have my heart replenish.

In a manger lies a baby boy , he is called Emmanuel!

Jesus our savior born granting us the greatest gift of all!

The promise of life and a new beginning, opens a new dawning,

that’s worth celebrating giving love sharing peace , spreading joy

throughout the earth. The light of the world he brings as angels

in the heaven sing . Wishing the best for you and me and humanity .

Whispered prayer echoes in the air ,children carolling

on the streets receiving Christmas treats .

Christmas cards and wonderful gifts is shared to one and all.

Thanking you this joyful season brings the greatest love…

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second chances

I know this is something out of the ordinary. I used to whine and wail before but today I made a decision to stop blaming myself, my childhood , everyone around me  and my husband for everything that did not work out in my life.

I’m going to make affirmations to manifest abundance and attract blessings, peace and joy in the well spring of my being. I must start to forgive me and also ask forgiveness to the one I’ve hurt  before by gesture or words . I’m really sorry , I’m just a delusional fool at that time. I have learned my lessons in life. There are things that are veiled before, things that I don’t understand due to my spiritual fanatic nature. Now I think differently, I acknowledge the value of money its importance in our lives as well as its ability to destroy and build. I learned that it’s the person next to me and everyone that evolves around me that I must treasure because they are far more valuable than money. A lesson from a cancer patient who is content of everything that she has. I have a conversation with Colin and he inspired me greatly about  the story of his daughter.

Trying to make things right, start afresh in my family problem that has been a big issue before, he’ll be coming home soon  after six long years and I have apprehensions like . What to do with having sex for the first time in six years. I’m afraid , how to be intimate again after the trials that we have been through. Trying to iron out our differences  for the sake of our children wrestling with my doubts and fears . I think, I must not give up trying to make things right. Maybe marriage is not all about how much you love each other, Either your compatible or not . Does he makes your heart flutter like a thousand butterflies churning in your gut. It was not like that at first, I guess it’s a marriage of convenience an excuse that I think was the right thing to do at that time. Marriage is about commitment and my children are our arrows that keeps our differences and misunderstanding at bay. They are the ones who help solve our problems , it’s more peaceful now . He tried to change for our relationship to survive, I saw his effort hoping that this time our stories will be filled with love, trust , respect and understanding. He’s  not supportive with my ambitious effort of trying to be a writer which is very daunting but fulfilling. Keeping  everything at a step distance , very  slow  in progress but I’ll try catching up. .